Letter: Struggling to Find a Reason for Letter Writer’s Claims | Letters to the Editor

The March 20 edition of The Sun contained a letter from Mimi Karlsson (“A firm ‘no’ to the Chariho schools budget”) which I believe needs a response. I, too, am having trouble analyzing the Chariho School District’s upcoming budget proposal. As the grandparent of a 3-year-old who lives with us and may soon be a student in the Chariho School District, I have a personal interest in the school district’s performance and budget. But Mrs. Karlsson’s letter raises points and raises questions that do not help my decision-making.

First, she cites a “huge research study on cannabis use in adolescents leading to schizophrenia.” The implication is that the study argues that cannabis use in adolescents leads to schizophrenia. In fact, this is not what the study shows. As is often pointed out, association does not imply causation. Obtaining original papers like this is expensive, but this summary and others I have been able to find do not support the conclusion that cannabis causes schizophrenia. One article actually lists five different explanations for why an association might exist. One is a cause and effect relationship, but the other four are not. For example, maybe everything that causes a teenager to develop schizophrenia also causes them to crave drugs, like marijuana, or engage in habitual behaviors. I’m not saying cannabis doesn’t cause schizophrenia, rather there’s no evidence that it does.

Reviewing her standards for supporting a school system, it’s hard to imagine one she would support. For example, is there a high school that doesn’t support a football team, let alone other sports that have been shown to be linked to traumatic brain injury, such as football or hockey? grass? She supports mandatory drug testing with strict consequences for people who test positive (a position I also support). But what about the “my body, my choice” crowd? In the current environment, supporting mandatory COVID vaccination has just as much of an impact on student health as drug testing. What is Mrs Karlsson’s position on this issue? And in what world does treating patients to enable them to function in the real world correlate with “drugs?” » [ADHD] children” with drugs like Ritalin? Where is the evidence that “micronutrients” affect ADHD? There isn’t, but she would favor using unproven micronutrients rather than proven drugs like Ritalin. And how does his mention of childhood cancer account for all of this?

In short, we can discuss what the end result of the budget should be or how the money collected should be allocated to achieve the best educational results. But please stop raising unrelated and unproven theories to support a recommendation to vote against the proposed budget. The public deserves better.

And by the way, do you think the people of East Greenwich and Barrington don’t want “better performances for their hard-earned dollars?”

Kenneth Robbin