Lawyer/Writer in Boston, MA — Money Diary

Occupation: Part-time lawyer/editor
Industry: Public interest right
Age: 28
Location: Boston, MA
Joint salary: $255,000 joint (I make $75/hour working part-time and my fiancé makes about $225,000)
My net worth: -$29,800 ($10,000 in checking and savings, $61,000 in retirement savings, $8,200 in investments, $3,000 in crypto, and $112,000 in student loan debt.)
My Fiance’s Net Worth: ~$2 million (Since we’re not married yet, I’ll be counting his net worth separately. My fiancé’s net worth consists of a condo he owns in full ($500,000), various investments, and savings/retirement plan. His condo is in a different condition and he was renting it out until this month, which covered his condo fees. He is now trying to sell it.)
Debt: $112,000 in law school debt
Amount of my paycheck (weekly): ~$550
Paycheck from my fiancé (bi-weekly): ~$3,800
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Lease: ~$3,710 ($3,505 base rent, $150 pet fee, and variable sewer/water charges.)
Student loans: $1,692.28
The Internet: $40
Utilities: ~$75-125
Health insurance: $108.76 every two weeks
Dental insurance: $17.02 fortnightly
Vision insurance: $4.40 bi-weekly
Spotify: $17
Hulu/Disney+: $0 (reimbursed by my Amex)
NYT Subscription: $0 (reimbursed by my Amex)
Netflix: $15
Amazon Prime: $12
Fluffy Auto Delivery: ~$60
Animal insurance: $40

Annual expenses:
Amex Platinum: $695 (I had this card when the annual fee was $550, for the sign-up bonus. However, I plan to cancel this, along with my other related subscriptions.)
You need a budget: $105.18
Call: $200.39 (I use Mint Mobile and pay for a 12 month plan for the service and 4GB of data each month)
New York Bar Fees: $375
Massachusetts Bar Fees: $99