Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3 Villanelle Twist Explained By Writer

Killing Eve lead writer and executive producer Laura Neal explains the watershed moment that occurred in the show’s final episode.

The main author of Kill Eve, Laura Neal, explains the watershed moment that occurred in the most recent episode of the show’s fourth season. Based on the novels by Luke Jennings and created for TV by the iconic Phoebe Waller-Bridge, fans of the psychological drama have had to wait almost two years for the new season, which also happens to be the last. Airing in February, there are only five episodes left before the story of Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) comes to an end.

The long-awaited season premiere marked a dramatic shift in the show’s lead roles, showing Villanelle on a path to redemption and Eve on a mission of revenge. While the former finally abandons these efforts and starts killing again, Eve wants nothing to do with Villanelle and is fully absorbed in her mission to bring down the Twelve. After being repeatedly rejected in her attempts to reconnect, Villanelle breaks into Eve’s hotel room (as well as her tablet) to arrange a meeting with Eve’s psychiatrist friend, Martin. Holding him hostage and forcing him into therapy only leads to his death and in a shocking move by Eve, Villanelle’s arrest.


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Talk with The envelope, Neal sifted through the layers of Eve’s decision that led to the unexpected turn of events. The nominated writer highlighted the emotional shift that occurred for the characters at this time, with Eve asserting power over Villanelle in ways she was not able to before, and for Villanelle unexpectedly losing the power she has held firmly over Eve for so long. See Neal’s full statement on the episode below:

“It feels like a really pivotal moment for me and it was in the writers room, and we were discussing it because of what it does emotionally for both of them. For Eve, I think it’s something — [and] she says it on the show – something she should have done in Season 1, and she chose not to for some reason, and then she finally does it here. And I think for her, it’s about asserting her power over Villanelle in a way that maybe she hasn’t quite been able to before. And that, to me, sounds like a really exciting shift in their dynamic. It’s also about Eve, once she does, it’s like Eve has to come to terms with what her life is like without Villanelle, and actually, is that something she wants? Or did she do something self-defeating in some ways by putting Villanelle aside? For Villanelle, I think it also does something interesting about the power dynamics because I think Villanelle is someone who appreciates the power that she wields over Eve, and I think that’s the appeal of this relationship for Villanelle – knowing that she has a hold on Eve, so when Eve does this to her, I think Villanelle, A – doesn’t expect it, and, B – she’s shaken by it because in her head of Villanelle, she thinks ‘Am I losing my grip on this woman? And what does this mean for me in the future? ‘”

Killing Eve season 4 Sandra Oh Jodie Comer

As Neal mentions, both characters will have to come to terms with what this means for them and their relationship going forward. Eve will soon find out if the decision to have Villanelle disappear from her life is something she really wants. The obsessive, toxic and, at times, romantic bond between the two characters is central to the series, and changing it so drastically so late in the game feels both risky and fulfilling. Unfortunately, Neal didn’t give any further details on how the new power dynamics will play out in subsequent episodes, but did share in a separate interview that Kill EveThe finale will be both moving and satisfying.

The success of the series is largely due to the chemistry between Oh and Comer, and the female-led series provided them with award-winning and career-defining roles. Eve and Villanelle have had many significant on-screen moments together, full of several twisted turns over the course of four years. With a bit of luck, Kill Eve will have an ending appropriate to their unique connection and individual stories, successfully commemorating the wonderful collaboration that went into creating this evocative series.

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