Jordanian writer Raja Talab: It’s hard to believe that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust; There are no ideological and moral contradictions between Nazism and Zionism – and the cooperation of these movements is well documented

In an April 17, 2022 editorial in the Jordanian government daily Al-Rai, titled “Zionism, Nazism and the Hidden Truth,” Jordanian writer Raja Talab expressed doubts that six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, and said the Zionist movement used the Holocaust to hasten global recognition of Israel. He added that there is no ideological or moral difference between Nazism and Zionism, and that the cooperation of the two movements was well documented in a 2005 article by the late Egyptian Marxist intellectual turned Islamist Dr. Abdel Wahab El – Messiri.

Raja Talab (Source: Al-Rai, April 17, 2022)

Here is the full translation of the article. [1]

Lord Shaftesbury’s statement “A land without a people for a people without a land” is the biggest lie in human history

“World Zionism, even before it was founded as an organization by Herzl in 1897, had succeeded, with the support of evangelicals (Christians) in Britain and the United States, in transforming the greatest lie of history of mankind into a concrete project – Israel The Lie I am referring to the 19th century statement of the Englishman Lord Shaftesbury [sic] – “a land without a people for a people without a land” – inviting European nations to meet in London in 1840 to adopt it and work to bring the Jews back to Palestine and establish their own state. As a result, Lord Henry Palmerston, Shaftesbury’s father-in-law and then British Foreign Secretary, adopted a plan to create a Jewish Commonwealth in the southern half of Syria, that is, historic Palestine and Jordan.

“Out of these efforts came the famous Balfour Declaration, backed by Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, when Balfour promised the Rothschilds in 1917 that Britain would stand with the Zionist movement in its quest for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. This promise was considered the birth certificate of the lie called Israel, which became a reality in 1948.”

It’s hard to believe that six million out of 11 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust

“In the same context, this lie was followed by another, amplifying the Jewish Holocaust and falsifying much information about it, as Zionist propaganda claimed that the Nazis killed nearly six million Jews during the Second World War, out of the eleven million Jews worldwide at that time. This figure is hard to believe. The truth is that the Nazi murders and tortures during the war included most of the Slavic peoples, among them the Jews who were descendants of the Slavic race – in addition to Roma from Romania, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals and the mentally and physically handicapped The killing operations were carried out under the purely racist pretext that these races and peoples are subordinate and hated .

“Global Zionism has invested deeply and qualitatively in the Holocaust, thanks to Western complicity, particularly on the part of Britain and the United States, in the process of mobilizing the acceleration of the global recognition of the occupation state in 1948.”

There are no ideological or moral differences between Nazism and Zionism – and their cooperation is well documented

“The third lie is to claim that there are ideological and moral contradictions between Nazism and Zionism, when the facts disprove it – instead they present examples of significant cooperation between the two sides. One of the most important who study and study this question is the researcher Dr. Abdel Wahab El-Messiri, who has proven [this] in a research article published on the Al-Jazeera Channel website on July 3, 2005, titled “Arab Media and the Issue of Nazi-Zionist Cooperation.” In it he refers to important aspects of cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionists, the most important of which are:

  • “The Haavara Agreement: an agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists, under which thousands of Jews, along with their wealth, were transported to Palestine in exchange for Zionist efforts to lift the economic blockade against Nazi Germany organized by some Jewish groups in the west.
  • “Lenni Brenner’s book Zionism in the age of dictators, which exposes the deep cooperation between Nazism and Zionism.
  • Judische Rundschauthe magazine of the Zionist movement in Nazi Germany which includes many articles and statements in favor of the Nazi regime.

Ukraine harbors Nazism, Ukrainian forces kill ethnic Russian Ukrainians, blame Russian forces

“Currently, the president of Ukraine, the country that has produced the most Israeli prime ministers, mocks those who accuse his country of harboring Nazism, on the grounds that he is Jewish and [thus] it would not be possible for his country to embrace any Nazi movement. [But] he forgets, or pretends to forget, that the Nazi brigades of Azov, which hold high the symbol of the swastika and glorify the famous Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera, are part of the National Guard of Ukraine, which massacres the Ukrainians of Russian origin and accuses the Russians of the forces.”

[1], April 17, 2022