Jonah Hex Writer Wants an HBO Series for the DC Comics Character

HBO Max is the unofficial home of the DC Comics franchises and writer Jimmy Palmiotti thinks a Jonah Hex series should go there as well.

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With HBO Max being the de facto landing point for a number of DC Comics-based franchises, it makes sense that there’s a bit of a campaign going on for the network to expand its portfolio. In particular, one of the co-authors of the current series of the Jonah Hex the comics would like to see HBO Max create a TV series based on the character.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Jonah Hex is a Wild West cowboy who was disfigured after winning a fight against a Native American rival. It was determined that he won by “cheating” and as punishment he was branded with a heated tomahawk. Eventually being able to overcome his injuries, he became a bounty hunter in the mid-1800s, but was often transported into “modern days” in order to fight alongside some of DC Comics’ greatest heroes.


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Comic book writer and artist Jimmy Palmiotti thinks Jonah Hex’s story is one that would do well on HBO Max and recently voiced that belief on Twitter. Palmiotti, who is the co-writer of the New 52 revival of Jonah Hex’s character, wrote that he couldn’t understand why HBO Max hadn’t made a weekly series from the books he, Justin Gray, Russ Heath and Jordi Bernet worked. Palmiotti even had an idea of ​​how HBO Max could transfer DC’s antihero to television. He suggested the weekly series could just pick up with Jonah Hex after the Civil War and when he was just a bounty hunter with a bad scar. The writer also touched on this scar, saying the network could reduce it, presumably to make it more palatable.

The DC Comics writer seems to know that at least part of Jonah Hex’s backstory could be problematic, given that he fought on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War. Of course, he eventually realized he was on the wrong side and defected. Still, it looks like HBO Max wants to avoid promoting that part of the character’s backstory.

One reason Palmiotti might think the time is right for a show based on Jonah Hex is that the network has recently embraced shows featuring antiheroes. the harley quinn the animated series is going to have a third season at some point in the near future, and this show is making no secret of the fact that she’s still a villain with a heart of gold.

In addition to this show, the Peacemaker The series debuted this month and features a character who is outspoken as a cold-blooded killer. So, Jonah Hex might be a relatively lesser-known DC character, but it might just be perfect for HBO Max.

Jonah Hex (2010) is now available on HBO Max.

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Source: Jimmy Palmiotti/Twitter

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