Job: Senior Content Writer at Begonia Consults

This role is for a digital media agency.

All employees will work remotely (permanently)

Types of agency clients: Health, Technology, E-commerce and start-ups

Job type: Full-time, remote

Location: 100% remote

Who are you

  • You are a creative mind, a lateral thinker, and an eloquent writer. You think big and small, equally capable of seeing the big picture and paying attention to detail.

  • You read a lot, including books on business, strategy, psychology, marketing, branding, and advertising. You are insightful and curious. You ask interesting questions. You are constantly learning new things to sharpen your mental acumen and inventiveness.

  • You enjoy working with words – writing, playing, stretching, crafting and killing your darlings until what’s left is essential. You are so good at what you do that you are going to rewrite this post as proof to beat the competition.

  • You have at least 5 years of experience in the creative field of branding, marketing and advertising. You have written an abundant amount over the years and have become powerful and prolific.

  • You can determine 1) what to write and 2) how to write it best for any situation, audience, and format.

  • You consider complex wording and unclear wording laziness. You prefer clear and concise, or better yet, witty and wise. Personal taste aside, you know when to change your voice and tone to what will resonate with the intended audience for the desired outcome.

  • Curious about human nature, you study psychology and observe behavior, which gives you the ability to empathize with any audience.

  • You think independently. You find that drawing and/or writing down ideas helps to direct your brain and keep your creative thoughts structured. You debate ideas confidently and collaborate with an open mind. Once the decision is made, you move quickly.

  • You are determined to create great work. You are a composed communicator, able to present ideas to different clients and audiences. You master technology and you adapt quickly to new technologies and/or systems.

  • You are cultured, but not a snob. You are confident, but not selfish. You are humorous, but not rude.

  • Confidence in working with other stakeholders such as designers, developers and customers is essential

  • Be ready to work at a fast pace on campaigns with many strengths

  • An understanding of the importance of consistency between the different touchpoints of a user journey

  • Ability to present work to large groups and communicate ideas clearly and enthusiastically

  • A collaborative approach to getting things done


Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communication, English or other related field. Some of the courses that these programs include are writing, research, ethics, media law and ethics, and broadcast journalism.


  • To research

  • Communication

  • Critical mind

  • Organization

  • Attention to detail

  • Team work

Daily responsibilities

  • Write and edit copy for a variety of digital platforms and touchpoints. These include video scripts, emails, landing pages, social captions, social ads, banner/display ads, pitches, and general marketing content that is clear, concise, and engaging.

  • Write converting copy for email marketing, PPC ads, landing pages, guides, and conversion rate optimization experiences.

  • Follow the corporate tone and manage constructive feedback from senior colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Be meticulous in creating work at a high level through an understanding of writing principles.

  • Write quality copy that stands out in a market saturated with similar messages.

  • Use the company’s technical content and expertise and do extensive research to inform your copy.

  • Monitor competitor activity, customer behavior, and the latest trends to improve your writing and content performance.

  • Ensure that all texts are delivered on time, on time and to the required quality and readability standards.

Education experience

  • 3-5 years of minimum professional experience in content writing/copy.

  • Understanding of PPC, search and landing page optimization best practices.

  • Experience developing marketing content from concept to delivery to impact, preferably in a B2B environment.

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