Jamshedpur writer wins Best Author of the Year 2022 award

Jamshedpur, April 24: Jamshedpur-based writer Ansuman Bhagat has been awarded Best Writer of the Year 2022 by Monomousumi. He was named best writer in hundreds of nominations. Ansuman was selected as best author for his best contribution to his book and his writing style. He received this award for his book ‘Ek Safar Mein’, the book ‘Ek Safar Mein’ is based on the behind the scenes stories of Bollywood TV industry and the struggles of actors. It was published by Authors Tree Publishing House of Chhattisgarh on December 18, year 2021. Ansuman is a young Indian writer, hailing from the city of Jamshedpur and a recipient of several accolades.

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