Jamshedpur writer Ansuman Bhagat publishes book and magazine

Jamshedpur, June 29: Jamshedpur author Ansuman Bhagat fueled the discussion by advocating the creation of new opportunities for authors and writers through an ecosystem. Recently, at a book launch event, he stressed the need for support from Indian authors. While discussing various issues, Ansuman Bhagat released four books published by Mumbai-based Monomousumi publishing house titled – Sia’s Petals, DNA, Review on Utilization of Plants and Traditional Uses, Art of Dravidians. Ansuman Bhagat was invited as the main guest for the release of these books. On this occasion, Ansuman Bhagat encouraged all the authors – Sia Aggarwal, Massid Khalate, Kaylvizhi Saravanselvam and wished them luck for reaching great heights in their writing career.

He said that the authors make their valuable contribution to the creation of the society and they should be encouraged. They work to give a new dimension to society through their writings.

Besides the book release, the index and cover page of a special issue of Weaver magazine were also published. The special issue is dedicated to Doctors and will be broadcast live on Doctor’s Day and will be released from Jabalpur. Weaver magazine is published by Monomousumi from various cities other than Mumbai where hundreds of students, writers and professionals enthusiastically participate. Ansuman published this issue of the magazine expressing his deep gratitude to the doctors.

Recently, Ansuman Bhagat was awarded Best Author of the year 2022 by Monomosumi where he received the status of top author among hundreds of nominations. Monomousumi organizes various writing contests every month. Monomosumi, a Mumbai-Kolkata-based organization, inspires talented writers to explore their creativity, research and organizational skills, and develop their own writing skills. These writing competitions have been held every month since May 2018, which is certified as a record in India’s Book of Records.

The pandemic has changed the way we view the education sector and has witnessed a huge shift. While most parents were busy choosing the best substitute for classroom instruction, holistic learning well-blended with extracurricular activities got some attention. Activities like music, dancing, chess, yoga, etc. caught the attention of unorganized sectors, mainly teachers or instructors who lost their jobs due to the pandemic; however, creative writing has never gotten the attention it deserves. Creative writing skills, categorically, have a lot more to offer school and college students to improve their knowledge on a specific subject as well as to sharpen their creative quotient. Pouring out your heart in the form of words is a great idea to unwind during this difficult time and also makes a great after-school activity. A question that constantly surfaces is whether extracurricular activities are even necessary?