Iranian writer: Khamenei’s anti-nuclear ban is open to interpretation

In an August 20, 2022 broadcast on NBN TV (Lebanon), Iranian journalist Mohammad Gharavi spoke about the pursuit of nuclear weapons, and he said that some regime officials have started advocating for the development of a nuclear bomb. Asked by the show’s host about an alleged fatwa by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei banning nuclear weapons, Gharavi replied that the fatwa is open to interpretation by Islamic scholars and is subject to change depending on circumstances. circumstances. He also said Khamenei’s alleged fatwa should only be invoked if the United States acts honestly. For more on the subject and on Khamenei’s fatwa, which does not actually exist, see MEMRI Survey and Analysis Series No. 1648.

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“People in the corridors of the Iranian regime [Are Saying:] “Let’s just go for a nuke and get this thing over with”

Mohammad Gharavi: “The nuclear deal was a win-win deal for Iran and America. Now it has become a win-win deal only for Iran. If there is a deal, fine. If there is no there is no agreement, fine too – we will [enrich uranium] 60% or more. Also, we started to hear people in Iran talking loudly – I’m talking about people in the halls of the Iranian regime… They’re saying let’s go for a nuke and get this thing over with…”

To interview: “Really? But you have a religious prohibition in this regard…”

Gharavi: “This prohibition is subject to interpretation…”

To interview: “Really?”

Gharavi: “He is subject to ijtihad [a jurisprudent’s interpretation] and can be reconsidered. This prohibition is subject to temporal circumstances and customs.

To interview: “I see. So nothing is constant in that regard.”

Gharavi: “Nothing is, of course.”

To interview: “This message can resonate strongly…”

Gharavi: “We Shiites are known for our ijtihad…”

To interview: “The doors of ijtihad are wide open with you…”

Khamenei’s Fatwa prohibiting a nuclear bomb cannot – and should not – be invoked

Gharavi: “Our leader [Khamenei]may Allah grant him long life, had this ijtihad one [nuclear] bomb is forbidden, but maybe in 120 years – may Allah grant him long life – it will become permitted, when another [Leader] will take over and he will have another ijtihad.”

To interview: “So it’s subject to timing and circumstances?”

Gharavi: “Sure.”

To interview: “So everything is open, as you say…”

Gharavi: “Sure.”

To interview: “My conclusion is that we cannot rely on such [a fatwa]…”

Gharavi: “It’s not that you can’t. You shouldn’t. You can count on it, if Americans act with honesty.”