“I’m not writing Suno Chanda 3”, says the author of the sitcom

Hit sitcom Suno Chanda Writer Saima Akram Chaudhry, who following the success of her latest Ramazan offerings said she would write a third season for Iqra Aziz star and Farhan Saeed if fans continue to spread the same love, has now clarified that another episode of the show will not take place.

Urging his fans to look forward rather than backward, Saima began by saying, “I’m not writing Suno Chanda 3, I’m not writing Chupke Chupke 2, I’m not writing Ishq Jaleebi 2.” In a post on her Instagram Stories, she then revealed, “I write Neeli Khoti, I write Chaand Tara, I just write a lighthearted romantic comedy.”

Asking everyone to be happy and stay away from seasons 2 or 3, she then reinstated this “season tou pehla il achcha hota hai“, suggested that the others are mainly attempts to draw opinions and evaluations from already existing and successful stories and formulas. “The others only bet on high expectations and serve disappointment. I love you all,” she concluded.

Earlier, Saima shared on the photo-sharing app, “I’m so overwhelmed with the response from my fans. It’s the love that I carry since Suno Chanda first season. If my fans showered the same love for Hmm Tum and Chaudhry and Sonsthis is my promise, that i will write Suno Chanda season 3 – for the love of Suno Chanda.”

In 2021, actor Nabeel Zuberi confirmed that a third season of the hit sitcom would not happen. Responding to a question, he said: “Sorry to let you know, but there will be no Suno Chanda season 3.”

Saima’s message, although it gave hope to Suno Chanda fans eager to see more of their favorite characters. The second season ended with Iqra’s character, Jiya, eager to go to the UK, and Farhan’s character, Arsal, informing her that he had bought a ticket and was accompanying her on the trip. . Ever since Haroon tweeted that the third season could be set in the UK, audiences have been hoping to see what happens next in the couple’s journey.

It looks like the creators have now officially decided to leave the past behind, and viewers should do the same.

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