I’m a tech writer and this iD Mobile iPhone 14 deal is my favorite introductory deal

Apple’s all-new iPhone 14 is available to buy now.

And I just found a very nice package at iD Mobile which offers you the new phone for less than 40€: it’s quite impressive for a brand new Apple phone.


Apple’s all-new iPhone 14 was unveiled in early September and is now available to buy

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 14 line is an expensive line of smartphones, but what else could you expect for tech fresh off Apple’s treadmill?

You can expect to pay £849 for the iPhone 14 and £1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro, which comes with a bigger screen and a more powerful processor.

Monthly prices vary greatly, of course, since you’ll be offsetting that figure against whatever you pay up front.

But I’ve scoured the internet for options that, well, strike a balance between the two, and that’s why I like this iD Mobile deal.

The initial cost of £99 isn’t too awful a sum to part with, while a monthly bill of less than £40 for a shiny new iPhone is pretty remarkable.

Disadvantage ? The 25GB data allowance is pretty moderate, with most plans listed at the top of network pages these days, usually at 100GB, 250GB, or unlimited.

But hey, there’s always a trade-off somewhere when buying a new phone – and if you’re on the fence, it’s worth comparing that to a Vodafone iPhone 14 money-back deal that our journalist specializing in tech deals Tom Tyers covered earlier this week.

This comes with unlimited data, but even after that the cashback still comes in at £53.54 (although admittedly you won’t be paying anything upfront).

It’s also worth comparing these two picks with others listed on our iPhone 14 best deals page, where we’ve picked the best prices from all the major networks and carriers.

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If you’re not one to demand high-end tech, I might suggest going for an older iPhone instead – the iPhone 13 will now drop in price.

And buy by the time Black Friday rolls around, the iPhone 12 and 11 should become much more of a budget option.

Don’t forget either the iPhone SE 3 which came out earlier this year – in design and spec it’s on par with the iPhone 8 and is currently £419 on Amazon.