Hunter Atkins shines as a sportswriter for the Houston Chronicle

nobody can say that Hunter Atkins is not a daredevil. Not only is he a highly respected writer, but he has traveled to many parts of the world. At a young age, Atkins worked at the Cape Times in Cape Town, South Africa. He then decided to try his luck at the bullfight in Pamplona, ​​Spain and lived to tell and write the story.

Start your career early:

Hunter Atkins is born in Manhattan but got an early break by being hired by the Chicago Sun-Times at just 17. Around this time, Atkins was bitten by the writing bug and was attending the prestigious Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. He graduated in 2011 and was struck by the fact that jobs were hard to come by despite his early success.

After school, he returned to the East Coast to intern with Newsday, but found himself unable to find secure employment due to soaring unemployment rates.

That’s when he decided to try something completely different by running with the bulls. After nearly being skewered by a bull, he decided writing was a much safer occupation. Atkins chronicled his bullfighting experience in an article that made its way to New York Times sportswriter Joe Sexton. Sexton allowed Atkins to show off his skills and his writing career was done.

Back to the East Coast:

From 2011 to 2016, Hunter Atkins was back the New York area, where his articles have appeared in Forbes magazine, Men’s Journal, ESPN-the Magazine, The New York Times, Newsday and others.

Atkins is bound for Houston:

After the excitement of being a young writer at 17, traveling to Africa and then Spain, Hunter Atkins decided to settle down and focus on his writing career in Houston.

Atkins spent many years reporting on sports for the Houston Chronicle, beginning in 2016. Many of his stories are in-depth reporting; he also writes corporate sports stories.

Some of his best sports items included:

  • How LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland would affect the Cavaliers team and fans.
  • Detailed articles on the breakdown of the 2021 Texas NFL Draft and predictions made about the team.
  • Commenting and analyzing the skills of Nico Collins, Brevin Jordan and others.

Hunter Atkins has items that also included those outside of sports, including an article on the war on drugs and an article on Rodrick Markus.

It’s not just about sports:

While writing for sports is a “sweet spot” for Atkins, he has also written many other articles outside of the sports world. His work has also included articles, blogs, and articles published in,,, Virginia Coastal,, VIBE, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Popular Science.

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