How To Make More Money As A Freelance Web Content Writer Tip 2022

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Check out how to make more money as a freelance web content writer

Tired of writing for pennies (or peanuts, or whatever cliche you prefer) and ready to learn how to make real money online? We’re fed up too. That’s why Carol started charging for her posts a few years ago, and last fall she raised her rates to over $75. And that’s why we regularly update our list of paying sites. Self-employment is generally known as part-time work. The people you work for are your customers and you must meet their needs with your work.

As a freelancer, you’re usually paid on a project-by-project basis rather than monthly. The same goes for freelance writing. In freelance writing, writers respond to client and business requirements within a given time frame. In addition, working with freelancers is similar to working with agencies, where only one person is in charge of meeting your requirements. Moreover, freelancers do not have their own offices; they usually work from home or another remote location and work individually.

How to Make More Money as a Freelance Web Content Writer

Learn more about your income

The first step to making more money is to learn more about the money you are already making. Many writers find a year-end review very helpful in assessing their revenue, business model, and clients, and setting goals for the coming year.

But you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to take stock. Anytime you want to make a big change to your business plan, like increasing your income, it’s a good time to do a review.

Define aims

Think about how much money you want to earn and set income goals. You can set annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly goals, or a combination of all. If your goals are long-term, it makes sense to break them down to get a better idea of ​​how much you need to earn to stay on track.

For example, if you want to earn $50,000 a year and take two weeks off each year, you need to earn an average of $1,000 per work week to keep up. If you want to make $100,000 a year and have two weeks off, you should be making $2,000 a week. Remember that some of this money goes to taxes and expenses. Consult a tax advisor or accountant to find out how much you should save for these expenses (and how and when you pay your taxes).

raise your prices

When you’ve had the same customers for a long time, it’s easy to maintain the same prices for years. You may be afraid of scaring away a loyal customer with higher prices, but it’s often worth taking the risk and charging more. Many freelancers ask for more money on New Year’s, while others prefer to ask for a raise in the client’s new fiscal year or at other times. How much should you ask? If you make $150 per blog post, asking $750 right away may be too much. Few customers have the budget to quintuple their rates right away.

But if you win $150 and want to increase that amount to $175, you might have better luck. It is very useful to have an idea of ​​the customer’s budget when proposing a price increase. If the company is simply cutting its budget and laying off employees, now is probably not the best time to ask. However, if the company just got a lucrative new contract, now might be the best time to get more work and raise your prices.

Spend less time on low-paying projects.

If you spend all day writing articles for $20 each, it will be difficult for you to make a lot of money as a freelance writer. If you work 40, 50, or 60 hours a week on low-paying projects, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to find higher-paying clients.

Sometimes you need to free up time in your schedule and space in your customer base, to make room for the highest paying customers. This doesn’t mean you should drop all your clients and only accept those who pay $5 per word (those will be hard to find).

Set your new prices

Determining how much to charge can be a challenge. Rates and fee structures vary widely. Freelancers can be paid by the word, by the hour, or even by the project. For guidance on typical fees, the Editorial Freelancers Association provides a list of market fees for a variety of services, from transcription to ghostwriting. These tariffs are a good starting point for negotiations, but they are not set in stone.

When setting the price you charge a client, consider the expected duration of the project. If an article costs $200 and requires two hours of your time, your hourly rate is $100. If a $500 project takes 15 hours, you’ll earn $33 an hour, but if the same project takes 40 hours, your hourly rate drops to $12.50, a rate close to minimum wage in some countries.

Final Words: How to Make More Money as a Freelance Web Content Writer

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