How to Become a Great Fashion Writer

If you have always been passionate about fashion writing, then you might want to turn this into a way to earn some well-deserved payroll. Well, we are sure it will be worth the effort. It’s totally doable too. Still, you would need know-how and expert advice to get started in this big and wide world.

For those of you who aspire to be fashion writers, there’s always something more to learn. But you can start with the basics and work your way up. Nobody who just started in the field knew everything there was to learn. No one who is still working in the field, even after decades, knows everything there is to learn. So why not take the first step and see where it takes you?

Being a fashion writer is not at all an easy affair. But don’t be discouraged. As the saying goes, “the best things don’t come easy”. Or something in that regard. In today’s article, we’ve made it our mission to help you become a great fashion writer. So why not dive in and start swimming?

How to Become a Great Fashion Writer

When writing about fashion, you need to have a good understanding of the details. Thinking outside the box is encouraging. Of course, at least a little passion for fashion won’t hurt at all. Even better if you have a greater passion for this industry.

Creativity is something that goes a long way when you have to write a fashion article. You have to be creative to be successful in the industry. But it also gets better with practice. Plus, when you’re trying to write about fashion, you have to feel the passion yourself. This way, you would be able to provide the reader with an article that is going to have some sort of effect on him. You would need to provoke an image in your reader’s mind.

If you want to be a fashion journalist, remember that you will be working with a particular magazine. So you’d still be writing about fashion and collections and things like that, but you’d still have one thing to consider. That is, the regular audience of the particular magazine. You have to keep in mind who they are, what they expect, how can you get their attention and keep it too.

Having a personal opinion is also something that is required for all fashion writers. You should be able to express it without fear or hesitation. However, avoid “trashing” someone’s work. Be honest, sincere and polite.

Remember that as a writer, you are speaking to an audience. It can be an already developed audience of readers or a general audience where you don’t know who your article is going to be aimed at. Either way, your customers will expect you to know how to write to readers who love fashion and fashion articles. It would therefore be necessary to learn to know the public and how to captivate it. The client will expect you to be able to amaze and surprise readers and to always have a quality presentation for the latest collections, even if they are not at all great.

Also, the styling. If you have read Expert reviews, you probably know that there are many styles depending on the audience. When it comes to fashion items, the styles that work best are those that express a personal opinion. So, be sure to write it down and use it whenever possible, without overdoing it.

Don’t rush either. Now that we have everything in place, let’s talk about another aspect. Would you aspire to become a freelance fashion editor or work full-time for a magazine? If you also want to write about different topics, freelancing might be the best option. For example, this way you would also write things like where to buy a research paper to help students around the world with their education. Or you would even be able to do reviews on such. On the other hand, if you are a full-time fashion journalist, your job will only be fashion writing. So choose the option that you think will work best for you.


Of course, becoming a fashion writer isn’t something that’s easily covered in a few paragraphs. If your mind is set on expanding in this area, you will need a lot of information, skills, and experience. You would have to build a portfolio to interest your potential clients in your writing. Don’t be afraid to reach out, try different techniques, and ask for advice.

In general, being any type of writer is a dedication. Dedication to giving your audience something they can relate to. Give your customer something worthwhile and something they can put to good use. Be sure to be honest, though. Because readers will know when you’re not and they’re not going to like it. So keep that sincerity in your writing and always strive to do better, one word at a time.

The journey is not going to be easy. It will be worth it, however. You’d be amazed at how much writing, as a hobby and a profession, can do for you. It not only develops you as a better writer, but as a more complete human being with widely transferable skills and a wonderful professional mindset. So not only would you get paid to do what you love, but you would get better at doing it. So, don’t be afraid to walk through that door and try out the wide world of fashion writing and professional writing in general.

The first thing we want to say once again is get to know your audience. This is the advice we put once above, but we want to end with it. Because it’s so fundamental in the writer’s work that you can’t say it too many times. Get to know your audience and get to know your writing style. Be bold, be brave, be sincere and try to captivate readers. With this last piece of advice, we leave you to follow your aspirations. Good luck on this wonderful journey!