Hindi is an emotion for Bhagwandas Morwal, a writer from Dwarka

Sitting on his desk, surrounded by tons of study materials for novels, a laptop computer and a table fan, Bhagwandas Morwal sighs: “I am disappointed when I see today’s youth unable to fluently read a single line in Hindi. Hindi is not a language, it is an emotion!”

Pursuing your dreams in a limiting environment is an extraordinary feat. When supporting the family is the sole responsibility, dreams often take a back seat. This Hindi Diwas, CitySpidey met Bhagwandas Morwal, an eminent writer from Palam, Dwarka who overcame all obstacles to achieve his dream writing fiction while supporting his family.

Bhagwandas, 62, a famous name in contemporary writing, lives in a three storey house in Palam, Dwarka with his wife, children and grandchildren. His house is simple and old-fashioned just like his personality. Although it is well settled, it does not have an upscale lifestyle.

After retiring from his job in 2020, he devotes all his time to reading and writing fiction. Asked about the routine of his daily life, he says, “Apart from the daily routine, I usually walk 8-9 km every day for a morning walk at 4 am. I make it a point to read something and write at least one page a day.”

For Bhagwandas, being a writer is a deserved dream come true. He was born in 1960 in Mewat, Haryana. Coming from a financially disadvantaged background, he was never motivated to pursue studies. He completed his education at a public school in Mewat.

In his limited family environment, his soul was free when he wrote. He was proficient in writing and his poems were published in local newspapers and magazines from an early age. His first poem was published in the magazine when he was in class 11. This small achievement motivated him to write more and eventually it became his medium.

Bhagwandas married very young and his responsibilities increased. As soon as he finished his BA, he came to Delhi to find a job. Despite her education and abilities, it was difficult to find a job that met her requirements. To maintain life in the metropolitan city, he started working as a day laborer. He says, “I used to haul furniture around a hotel for a few years just to sponsor my college education and support my family. My wife was not living with me because of the financial crisis.

After completing a journalism course, times changed and he got a job with the Central Welfare Office as a production assistant in 1987. The writing continued because his heart belonged in it.

His difficult experiences as a young man took the form of serious fiction. Several of his novels are about experiences in his native region. His first book, a collection of short stories, was published in 1986 and is known as “Sila Hua Admi”. His first novel, ‘Kala Pahad’ in 1999 is about the people of Mewat and their culture. It is also one of his most popular works.

Another section of his books like Halala, Ret, Sur Banjaran and Khanzada deal with conservative social and religious customs. Every job involves extensive research and study to find a clear point of view. Its material includes legal documents, cases, newspaper clippings and books on different social issues. Everything is neatly stacked in files.

Credits – CitySpidey

He says, “In writing Halala, I read the Quran to understand the law and then show how society has misinterpreted religion to achieve its ends.”

During a career spanning 36 years, Bhagwandas Morwal produced ten novels and several short stories; and has won numerous awards. His work ‘On Banjaran’ (which deals with the progressive weakening of Indian theatre) received the Sampand Kriti Samaan award. He also received the Ban Maali Katha Samaan Award in 2019.