Henry Halloran Trust announces Writer-in-Residence

Dr Farrelly has spent more than 30 years as one of Sydney’s leading public intellectuals and as the Sydney Morning Herald’s senior columnist on issues of urbanization, planning and governance. She has a background in architecture and philosophy and holds a doctorate in urban planning from the University of Sydney.

As the Trust’s Writer-in-Residence, Dr Farrelly will lead the Henry Halloran Trust’s new Urban Opinion Project, which covers a range of publishing and teaching programmes.

“The Urban Opinion Project is designed to stimulate discussion on urban and regional planning and to support the development of compelling opinion pieces to enhance the University’s engagement in critical policy debate. We are delighted that Dr Elizabeth Farrelly is joining the Henry Halloran Trust to lead this important series of initiatives,” said Professor Nicole Gurran, Director of the Henry Halloran Trust.

For the publication component of the larger project, Dr Farrelly will develop a significant body of work that has the potential to influence the shape of Australian cities in the future. One component will involve a collaborative project in which practitioners and architects generate ideas, in the face of the challenges of climate change, inequalities and the health crisis. Another initiative will include conversations with academics from the University of Sydney on the creation and development of the city.

For the teaching element, scholars from the University of Sydney will be offered a master class on writing opinion pieces. This will be designed to help scholars develop persuasive, research-based arguments around city-making and policy issues with a view to sparking debate in the public domain.