Halo Show Writer Says They Didn’t Watch the Video Game

Halo showrunner Steven Kane explains that while developing the show for Paramount+, they didn’t even watch or talk about video games.

Halo Showrunner Steven Kane reveals that while making the show, they didn’t even watch the video games. First released over twenty years ago in 2001, Halo: Advanced Combat introduces gamers to a new generation of first-person shooters. the Halo The franchise has since grown and evolved with many subsequent game entries as well as various spin-off properties including novels, animated shows, and live-action shows.

After years stuck in development hell, this latest Halo The Paramount+ adaptation promises to finally give fans a worthy view of the big (and expensive) source material. Starring Pablo Schreiber as the Master Chief, the Halo tells the story of a 26th century war between humans and an alien force known as the Covenant. The initial trailers promise plenty of sci-fi action as well as plenty of Easter eggs and references to the original games. In addition to Schreiber, the series stars Bokeem Woodbine, Natasha McElhone, Yerin Ha, Shabani Azmi, Olive Gray and, reprising her role as the games’ voice actor, Jen Taylor as the Master Chief’s AI sidekick, Cortana.


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In a new interview with VarietyKane reveals that they didn’t actually watch the Halo games to make the show. Kane explains that instead, he and the writers went deeper into the characters and the world they were creating, which helped them not feel creatively hampered by what had been done before in video games. . Check out Kane’s full comment below:

“We didn’t watch the game. We didn’t talk about the game. We talked about the characters and the world. So I never felt limited by it being a game.”

Master Chief in the Halo TV show

Interestingly, the Halo It has already been confirmed that the show does not take place in the same timeline as the games. In a blog post several weeks ago, the Halo the show’s creative team explained that the show would be set in the new “Silver Timeline“, thus freeing writers to more fully explore the world of Halo without being limited to what had already happened canonically in the games. It’s already confirmed that there are several major deviations from the games, including the fact that Master Chief will remove his helmet at some point (he never does in-game) and Cortana’s design.

Although Kane’s statement may worry some fans of the Halo the games, trailers, as well as featurettes, interviews, and behind-the-scenes blog posts clearly demonstrate that the creative team as a whole drew heavily on video games. After all, members of 343 Industries, the studio responsible for many of the games, acted as consultants on the show. It’s likely that Kane, as showrunner, is more about how he and the writers developed individual storylines for the series within the set framework. Halo universe instead of suggesting that the games were entirely ignored in all respects. Audiences don’t have long to wait to find out, however, with the Halo the series is set to premiere on Paramount+ on March 24.

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