Grants Writer | Letters to the Editor

I would recommend that the mayor and city council consider hiring a professional grants writer, preferably on contract, to help fund city improvements and free up department heads to take care of their urgent daily business serving the people of Fountain Hills.

Simply put, a grant writer gathers documents to meet the necessary requirements of various funding agencies to formally seek funding for our city’s capital improvement projects. The grant writer must have excellent communication and research skills, must be able to communicate effectively both in writing and orally, and must be able to write and submit grant proposals.

Currently, these tasks fall to the heads of the City’s departments. Writing a grant application is hard and time-consuming work. I believe our heads of departments would benefit from entrusting this tedious task to a professional grant writer.

I don’t think hiring a grant writer is justified without having a trial period and without performing a cost-benefit analysis after a specified period. After hiring an independent contractor – say, for example, two years – we could then assess whether the benefit of the grants given to our city was worth the expense.

The grant originator would apply for various grants, provide additional information required by the agencies we applied to, and report to department heads, the mayor, and city council. I think there are many opportunities to get grants and fund projects, we miss them simply because we don’t have a specialist to respond to our tenders.

The grant writer would allow us to get things done and the city wouldn’t have to pay them back. This is called a win/win. The positive economic impact for our city could be substantial. Why not try ?