Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin celebrates the launch of Elden Ring

George RR Martin celebrates the success of Elden Ring in the best way: with a personalized Malenia hat.

Elden Ring might be FromSoftware’s most successful game to date. It is one of the highest rated games of all time (Open Review 96, Metacritic 97) and having played it myself, I can say the hype is real. Now famous fantasy scribe George RR Martin is having fun.

The Game of Thrones writer actually helped Miyazaki and FromSoftware craft the story and world of Elden Ring, and it certainly shows. While Martin says he played a “small role” in building the game’s world, anyone familiar with GRRM’s work will notice his signature style while playing the game. Take the area naming schemes, for starters ; Gatefront, Stormhill, etc., alongside the deeper, more mythical lore of Marika, the Elden Ring’s power-corruption parallels with Lord of the Rings and the curse that spread through the lands in between.

GRRM assures fans that “almost all” credit goes to FromSoftware:

“From Software got me to do their worldbuilding, so I can hardly claim to be objective,” The GRRM stated in a recent blog post.

“Of course, almost all credit goes to Hidetaka Miyazaki and his amazing team of game designers who have been working on this game for half a decade or more, determined to create the best video game ever. I’m honored to to have met them and worked with them, and to have played a part, however small, in the creation of this fantastic world and making ELDEN RING the historical megahit that it is.”