Former WWE Writer Says Chris Jericho ‘wasn’t at Goldberg’s level’

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo shared that Goldberg didn’t want to face Chris Jericho in the past because the latter wasn’t such a big star at the time.

Although the altercation between Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho has been discussed, not much is known about the one between Y2J and Goldberg. It was reported that the two men got into backstage heat during their time in WCW because the latter believed Chris was not a big star and refused to have a match with him.

In an episode of Write with Russo, the former writer of the company gave some ideas. He shared that Jericho gained stardom until he went to WWE, which is why he understood that Goldberg didn’t want to face him in WCW.

“I don’t think Jericho really hit his stride and achieved superstar status until he was with WWE. I really don’t think so, so you have to understand from Goldberg’s perspective. When he is in WCW, of course everyone wants to work with Goldberg, of course… Goldberg, you know, I’m sure he has to be selective and listen man, let’s be honest, Jericho was not at Goldberg’s level at that time,” Russo said. (7:08-7:42)

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However, it looks like the two have already mended their relationship. In a recent interview, Da Man shared that although they had a rocky relationship, they are on good terms now. He will also appear on Chris’s To speak is Jericho podcast soon.

Vince Russo thinks something could have happened between the two stars after Chris Jericho moved to WWE

In the same interview, Russo explained that the two superstars might have had something beneficial between them when Jericho moved the promotions:

“But once he went to WWE and his stock really started going up, I mean at that point, I think it would have been really beneficial for them to do something meaningful. But I don’t think Jericho was at his level in WCW.” (7:46-7:58)

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Despite their initially rocky relationship, it seems the two veterans have buried the hatchet.

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