Former Mass Effect Lead Writer Was “Blinded” By Garrus’ Deep Thirst

Everyone has their favorite Mass Effect companions. Personally, I liked riding with Wrex and Zaeed; others prefer Jack, Legion or Thane. There are probably even a few who have fond memories of poor Jacob. There is only one companion who seems to have universal appeal: the brave and tragic former lawyer Garrus Vakarian.

It all seems obvious now – Garrus easily took the top spot in our Mass Effect Companion Rankings (opens in a new tab)Garrus body pillows aren’t just real (opens in a new tab) but really hard to keep in stock (opens in a new tab)and the page URL for our in-depth analysis of why it’s so awesome is literally, uh, “garrus-vakarian-smooches (opens in a new tab).” But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, Drew Karpyshyn, the lead writer for the first two Mass Effect games, said during a AMA on Reddit (opens in a new tab) that no one saw Garrus’ deep thirst coming.

“We always knew they would come back as companions,” Karpyshyn said when asked how Garrus and Tali took shape as romance options in Mass Effect 2. “I was a bit Surprised that fans wanted the romance options. You see…you’ve never seen her face, so it was easy to imagine something vaguely human. (But she had those weird feet!) Garrus told me blindfolded, but once we saw what the fans wanted, we decided to deliver!”

Unfortunately for the truly dedicated shippers of Garrus, while romance is on the table, a group of half-turian babies are not. Karpyshyn said he’s unsure of BioWare’s “official” stance these days – he left BioWare (opens in a new tab)for the second time, in 2018, but according to him, inter-species breeding “would not be possible”.

“The different species of Mass Effect are too biologically different to breed with each other,” he wrote. “Except Asari, of course…that’s part of what makes them unique. But that’s just my personal view; I’m not working on the show anymore, so if BioWare wants to have Turi-quar babies, it’s their choice.”

Karpyshyn covers a lot of ground in the AMA, including his own favorite Mass Effect character (no spoilers, but he’s not a sidekick) and why he hopes Mass Effect never gets made into a movie. He dives into other topics including Knights of the Old Republic games, his Star Wars novels, his new Time Kings of Las Vegas novel, and how he got started in the business. All in all a fun read – you can see the rest of his answers at Reddit (opens in a new tab).