Fire Island star and writer Joel Kim Booster teases what’s next

Joel Kim Booster says a Fire Island sequel is “not off the table”.

Released June 3 to universal critical acclaim, the Pride and Prejudice-inspired romantic comedy follows two best friends (Booster and Bowen Yang) as they begin their annual week-long vacation in the titular gay hotspot.

Fire Island, also written by Booster, has been hailed for its rejection of harmful queer trauma tropes and for its celebration and glorification of LGBTQ+ culture (and Marisa Tomei’s Oscar-winning role in My Cousin Vinny, of course).

Ever since the Searchlight Pictures movie launched on Hulu in the US and Disney Plus in international territories, viewers have been “demanding” a sequel on social media (see below).

Thankfully, Booster says a sequel or spiritual sequel set in another popular gay destination, like Mykonos or Puerto Vallarta, and featuring the original cast is a possibility.

“Yeah, a real anthology series! he teases. “While I don’t know that I necessarily feel inspired to write another gay vacation movie right now, I would definitely do anything to work with this cast again.

“Maybe what will happen is I’ll do an And Just Like That…style movie in 20 years. We’ll all come back to Fire Island and see where these characters are in 20 years.

Director Andrew Ahn also told GAY TIMES that he would “really love to hang out” with the cast and crew of another movie.

“I think for me there’s something really special about this group of friends, both as characters and also as people,” he says.

“I really hope we can spend some time together again and at the very least maybe we can just go on vacation and not have to make a movie while we’re doing it. But, if we get to doing those two things is even better.

Ricamora, who plays Booster’s love interest Will, is also “100% on board” for a sequel set in the aforementioned gay destinations.

“As long as they book my plane ticket!” We have to shoot it specifically on location, in those places,” he reveals, “because I was dying to go to all those places. To be able to spend another shoot with everyone in this cast would be a dream come true.

In his cover interview for GAY TIMES, Booster says the film stems from his need to reassure queer people of their worth.

“I remember sitting terrified at the age of 16, like, ‘Oh my god, what kind of world awaits me there as a gay person? Is there any happiness for me?” says Booster.

“A big part of wanting to do this project was for me to say, ‘You will find your queer family, and through those people, you will have all of these wonderful experiences and create such a tapestry of joy in your life.

“Not just ‘despite being gay,’ but because you are gay.’ That’s really what I wanted to convey with the film.

Fire Island also stars Conrad Ricamora, Margaret Cho, James Scully, Zane Phillips, Torian Miller, Tomás Matos and Nick Adams.

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