FanGraphs is hiring! Looking for a full time writer

FanGraphs is now accepting applications to join our team as a full-time writer.

We’re looking for someone who can provide daily insight into the ins and outs of what’s going on in the game. From free agent signings to stat analysis, top teams prospects to in-game strategy, facts highlights to weak points, we want to cover it all. Familiarity and comfort with data here at FanGraphs is a requirement, but equally important, we’re looking for a writer who can generate their own insights and questions while providing insightful analysis and commentary on the game of baseball.

This is a full-time salaried position with benefits. As FanGraphs is a web-based company, relocation is not necessary; this work can be done from most geographic locations, as long as you have reliable internet access and are willing to work during hours when readers in the United States are awake. We encourage writers from all backgrounds and identities to apply; baseball analysis is most engaging and comprehensive when diverse perspectives and voices are brought to bear on the issues and trends in today’s game.

If you have a passion for writing about baseball and think you would be a good candidate for the site, please email us at [email protected] with your application materials, using the subject line “FanGraphs Full Time Writer App – 2022”. The subject line is important because it helps us organize all apps and ensures that yours doesn’t fall through the cracks. When applying, please include examples or links to work you’ve previously published, or new, original content that you think best demonstrates your writing abilities and interests. You may also include a resume, but it is not required for the initial application. If for some reason you are unable to submit your application using the [email protected] email address, simply fill out a contact form with the same subject (“FanGraphs Full-Time Writer Application – 2022” ), and you will receive another email address for submission.

Whichever way you send us your application, please do so by friday june 10. We cannot promise to respond to every application we receive, but we will ensure that each applicant is given serious consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you.