Fan-Favorite Batman Writer Scott Snyder Weighs in on Villains Pattinson Sequel Needs

Court of Owls co-creator Scott Snyder has two choices which Robert Pattinson should face in the inevitable sequel to The Batman.

Scott Snyder weighed in on the villains he’d like to see in a sequel The Batmanurging director Matt Reeves to get bigger and bolder with his version of Gotham City.

“I hope they use a villain they haven’t used yet,” Snyder wrote in his Best Jackett Press Newsletter. “I hope they use Clayface, for example. I think Clayface could be remade in a really exciting way, especially in these times with all kinds of science-based stuff and also the idea of ​​identity, everything I think it could be great. Of course, I’m a big fan of them using the Court of Owls. I was amazed at the clips of the cast and crew talking so much about the Court of Owls.

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Snyder wrote Clayface in issues 19-20 of his monument Batman ran alongside artist Greg Capullo and co-created the Court of Owls in the series’ first major story arc, which ran from issues #1-11. The cast has frequently brought up the Court of Owls as potential Batman villains in future movies, with Robert Pattinson himself hinting that he’d like to see his take on the Dark Knight collide with the Secret Society. Snyder added that the Court would be big bad guys “for a destroyed Gotham, because that’s when they would step in.”

“They were probably behind some of Riddler’s stuff, weren’t they?” Scott speculated, referring to the Riddler’s master plan to expose corruption in The Batman. “If I wrote it, they’d come and say ‘now Gotham is ours to reshape…’ That would be amazing. And then in the third movie, you bring in the Joker. What I would do is in movie # 2, Batman needs help from or goes to Arkham to consult with villains about the Court of Owls or Clayface etc. You get to know these villains and then in #3 all bets are off and Joker comes in. That’s what I would want to do if I structured it.”

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Two brief scenes in The Batman featured Barry Keoghan as the Joker, one of which sees Batman asking his incarcerated nemesis for advice on the Riddler’s crime spree. The scene was eventually removed from the theatrical cut but later posted online. Reeves said that despite the Clown Prince of Crime being included in the film, the Joker will not be in the Batman continued.

Besides his thoughts on future villains, Snyder pointed out that he loved the film, which incorporated several concepts from his run on the Batman books, from the content lenses that Bruce Wayne uses to record his surroundings to Batman’s tactical gear, which resembles his gear in Snyder’s “Zero Year” origin story arc. Snyder also mentioned that The BatmanThe finale of – where the Dark Knight realizes he needs to be a symbol of hope rather than revenge – resonated with him.

“And I love the emotional thing they were trying to say at the end of the movie, which I think was literally the messenger [sic] of ‘Zero Year’ almost verbatim,” Snyder wrote. “…The words are in the comic about how he realizes he needs to be a beacon of hope, a beacon of inspiration , not a symbol of darkness. Instead of scaring the wrong people into the shadows, you are bringing the right people to the light in these dangerous times. And for me, that makes him happy.”

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Source: Best Jackett Press

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