Famed X-Men writer reunites with Marvel’s Longshot

Marvel Comics writer Ann Nocenti returns to the Mojoverse to continue Longshot’s story in X-Men Legends #3 this July.

In July, the longtime Marvel Comics writer x-men editor Ann Nocenti returns to the Mojoverse for X-Men Legends #3.

Written by Nocenti and illustrated by Javier Pina, X-Men Legends #3 kicks off a two-part story arc that directly follows the 1985 limited series Longshot, in which Nocenti and Arthur Adams “introduced readers to Longshot, Mojo and Spiral”. This series was set in the Mojoverse, an extradimensional, extratemporal realm created by Nocenti and Adams that has since become part of the X-Men mythos.

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According to Marvel, Nocenti and Pina’s new story “will shed new light on Longshot, bridging the gap between the fan-favorite hero’s original mysterious adventure and his tenure on the X-Men. And like all unforgettable Mojoworld journeys, the fans can expect plenty of meta commentary, pop culture references and unapologetic mayhem – all from the mastermind behind it all!”

Longshot’s adventure on Earth may be over, but before he can continue his mission, he’s dragged into Mojoworld for a multi-picture deal he just can’t refuse. And when Wolverine and Shadowcat investigate the mysterious psionic disturbance, can they escape the pull of Mojoworld before the spiral spins out of control?

“It’s been great to play in the Mojoverse again,” Nocenti said. “The wacky world of Longshot, created with Arthur Adams when we were just ‘kids’, is now drawn by spectacular artist Javier Pina, and let’s just say it’s a joyful experience to see Javier portray these characters perfectly.

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“With editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner, we train at MOLLYWOOD, Mojo’s film studio, where Mojo, Spiral and Major Domo create a genre mashup masterpiece as only Mojo can imagine, designed , of course, to mess with Longshot,” she continued. “The crazy team also got their hands on X-MEN – Wolverine, Kitty Pryde and her trusty dragon Lockheed, all trained to star in the film. The big question is – who will take home the Mojo Award for Best Death?”

Longshot originally ran for six issues from June to October 1985. The first issue of the limited series marked the debut of its title character, who was created by Nocenti and Adams alongside Carl Potts. The series itself was written by Nocenti; penciled by Adams; inked by Bill Anderson, Whilce Portacio and Scott Williams; colored by Christie Scheele; and lettered by Joe Rosen. With that in mind, a new story centered around Nocenti’s Longshot seems like the perfect fit for X-Men Legendswhich Marvel describes as an “extraordinary series where the X-Men’s most legendary creators tell all-new stories set during their classic runs.”

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Written by Ann Nocenti and illustrated by Javier Pina, X-Men Legends #3 will go on sale in July 2022 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel Comics

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