‘Edge of Spider-Verse’ Writer Alex Segura on Behind-the-Scenes of a Classic Spider-Man Story

In “Coming Home”, this applied to Morlun the Heir, who “wasn’t like a typical super villain in a suit, spewing insults. He was like a force of nature coming towards Spider-Man. At the as we read the numbers… he wasn’t dressed like a super villain! He just looked like that. It was his clothes. He’s so powerful he doesn’t have to make jokes or to insult Spider-Man because he knows he’s going to win.

“That’s what I think almost made me forget that the story has a positive ending. Obviously, hundreds of other SPIDER-MAN issues come out, [but] I was like, ‘Wow, is he going – like, is this the end?’ “, he recalls. “I don’t want to go overboard, but there are even times when Spider-Man starts to doubt, like, ‘Is this the end?’ It was done in such a great way that you almost start to believe it too.

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