Dynasty Promo – A Writer of Questionable Talent (5×18)

It is rare that Dynasty offers a life lesson, but Season 5 Episode 17 was filled with not one but two.

The first: you can’t change the past, but you can change what you will do in the future. And the follow-up lesson to that? Some people have the ability to change, some don’t.

Ben’s trial against Blake was gripping and one of the strongest and most enjoyable episodes of the season.

Much like the inner turmoil this caused Fallon, it wasn’t entirely clear whether or not Blake was guilty or telling the truth.

Did he see the note Ben left for him the night his mother died? Did he deliberately ignore it?

Things weren’t looking good for the Carrington patriarch, especially as the case took twisted turns and exposed some of Blake’s unsavory secrets.

On the evening of his mother’s death, Blake was not dealing with a Carrington Atlantic rig problem, he was sleeping with Fallon’s beloved nanny, Heather (guest star Charisma Carpenter).

To be fair, I like how the judge and court simply took Blake’s cheating to mean he was a terrible man without blaming Heather, who was knowingly sleeping with a married man.

While it’s hard to hear all about his sordid affairs, it also doesn’t prove that Blake intentionally killed his mother.

Alexis then took the witness stand to deliver the actual note from the night, proving that it was in Blake’s pocket the entire time.

Of course, this revelation pushed Blake into villainous territory, and Fallon, who was already disgusted by her personal relationship, could barely look at her father.

But, she’s her father’s daughter, and if there’s one thing that’s always held true, it’s that Fallon really meant it when she told Ben she knew exactly who her father was.

Fallon isn’t blind to the truth — she knows Blake has done her fair share of terrible things, but killing her own mother for personal gain is clearly not one of them. Blake may be many things, but he’s a family man through and through. He would never ostracize his own brother unless he truly believed Ben was to blame for the death.

Fallon, in fact, spoke up because she knew Blake had never seen the note. On the night in question, she recalled that she and Steven wrote a note to their father and put it in their coat pocket because they were afraid of monsters. The note was written in wax crayon proving that the only completely honest person in that courtroom was her.

Plus, isn’t it great to see the show finally acknowledging Steven’s existence, even if it’s in a passive flashback? And I couldn’t help but laugh when Heather showed Blake a picture of her “son,” because honestly, how many secret sons can this man have?

When Ben and Alexis tried to push back against Fallon’s claims, Kirby sealed the deal by proving Alexis had committed perjury by stealing Anders’ diary note.

It didn’t matter that even Anders thought Blake looked guilty, all that mattered was that the judge considered that Ben never kept his promise to find a babysitter for his mother before giving up his responsibilities and that the will was therefore respected.

It was like a Carrington murder mystery with Blake emerging victorious. And the whole family had to rally behind him to prove his innocence.

And even though his reputation has taken a hit, there’s nothing he can’t bounce back from.

The one with the most scars was Cristal as she had to deal with the fact that Blake was some kind of terrible moving husband at the time. However, the fact that she is so upset about his affairs means that he is now a completely different man who actually loves his wife.

And what is truly shocking is that Dominique helped Cristal achieve this achievement. Who would have thought that we would see the day when Dom would defend Blake?

Ben was a sore loser about it all. When Blake tried to put the past behind them and put things right, Ben practically threatened his brother, meaning this fight is far from over.

Alexis is one of those people who has never changed. She stooped to new lows to defeat Blake, and while she had her reasons, I’m more upset that she decided to go back on her word and steal Kirby.

Kirby may have made some missteps in the past (who hasn’t?), but she always does the right thing when it counts.

She knew it wasn’t fair to use Anders’ book to burn against Blake, and in general, she knew sticking to it would do more harm than good, so she burned it all. I can’t say I’m okay with that, but at least she never has to worry about Blake chasing her again. She earned his trust and respect with this gesture. And as someone who’s serious about Amanda, it’s nice to have an “in” with her dad.

Another person who can’t change despite so many opportunities to turn the page? Adam.

We’ve seen him do some really unruly things, but it’s usually people who exist in this dysfunctional society, to begin with. It’s different when the victim is an innocent single mother who just wants to help other people start a family.

Stacy didn’t deserve to be the sociopath’s target, and I so wanted to warn her and tell her to run in the complete opposite direction.

Instead, she fell in love with Adam’s bloody history and thought she’d finally found a “good guy”, when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact that Adam raised his single mother – the one he killed – made it seem like he was chasing Stacy over mommy issues, plus knowing it would infuriate Fallon.

The truth is, there are times when Adam is great and tolerable, but overall he’s problematic, and I hope the show finally does something about it.

A sweet reminder that he still hasn’t paid the price for what he did to Steven!

This was one of the first episodes that really gave every cast member a decent storyline. The cast can get bloated, so it’s good when the writers figure out how to get everyone involved.

Culhane bonded with Geneva, Leo’s widow, the man he and Sam killed with Adam’s help.

Culhane deserves to find love, and Geneva was his perfect match, so, of course, it would be a doomed relationship from the start.

Unless Culhane submitted to what he was doing, secrecy was always going to drive a wedge between them. And telling the truth would only implicate the cops. Even if Geneva was relieved that Leo was dead because she knew he was involved in some shady things, I don’t think she would ever look the other way and date her killer.

Telling the truth in Geneva would land them all behind bars, so Culhane’s only choice was to pretend to be an asshole and break up with her. It was for the best.

However, part of me was a bit disappointed that Geneva was not there to get revenge on him.

There have been so many “almost” kindred spirits in Culhane’s life that he must be on the verge of finding a forever partner, right?

Elsewhere, Dom won the contest to become NordicStar’s newest uniform designer, while Liam reconnected with his asshole teacher for inspiration from his new novel. My gut tells me writing the story for Jasper is going to come back and bite Liam, but I also don’t feel personally invested in the script anyway.

However, I want to see him get rid of that writer’s block and write another hit right before he becomes a dad. As someone who lives in Carrington Mansion and knows about all the senseless and ridiculous drama, he should have more than enough inspiration for an upcoming novel. Use your crazy family, Liam!

What did you think of the episode? Do you feel like the series is moving in a positive direction?

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