Dreame Introduces New Writer Benefits Program for 2022

Dreamthe market leader in online literature, recently launched the Writers Benefits Program 2022. The program includes a significant upgrade in bonuses, publishing and adaptation, honor and the promotion.

In 2022, through our continued efforts to expand approaches, we will provide our writers with many more book releases and adaptation opportunities. Dreame will also offer comprehensive writing courses, global competitions, high profile media exposure,says CEO Alan Fu.

Dreame has paid out more than $10 million in benefits for writers alone in 2021, with the Writer Benefits program offering additional rewards for their original creations.

As one of the largest online literary communities with tens of millions of users, Dreame values ​​original creations and aims to create an open, dynamic and diverse ecosystem for global storytellers on a single platform.

According to Fu, Dreame was designed as a global centrifuge for creativity, bringing together content from creators of all kinds in various genres and themes.

They are empowered to produce high quality literary works, audiobooks, movies, drama series, webcomics and various other entertainment products,” he adds.

Dreame is a web fiction and online literature reading platform aimed at a global audience, but also offers audiobooks, interactive games, online comics and a wide range of development and operation services intellectual property for creators.

Just three years after its debut, there are over 300,000 original stories on Dreame and the platform is available in over 100 countries and 20 languages. Dreame is now a registered trademark in Singapore, the Philippines, New Zealand and the European Union in categories 9 and 41.

The success of Dreame showcases the potential of original stories online, indicating an upcoming trend towards web fiction markets,“Alan said.

The platform offers new ways for writers to monetize their books and strives to create a community where novel lovers can write, read and share great content. Users can upload their work for free, and if a book is recognized by Dreame publishers and liked by readers on the platform, it will be offered a contract, including writing funds, among other benefits.

Meanwhile, for writers whose books have met the qualified requirements, the latest parts of their work will be listed as “paid to read” chapters, allowing readers to support their favorite writers by unlocking those chapters with bonus coins. (a virtual currency on Dreame) contributing to writers generating additional revenue.

According to their team, Dreame aims to grow as a global entertainment company made up of zealous young people experienced in operating reading platforms.

Dreame has partnered with relevant entities around the world to explore new opportunities in adapting literary works into a plethora of entertainment products in a closed-loop authoring ecosystem that supports multiple languages ​​and interactive frequent.

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