Director And Screenwriter Of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Discuss What Led Them To Add Unique Characters And Whales To The Drama

The director and screenwriter of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” have shared their thoughts on various drama-related topics!

On July 26, a press conference for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was held in Seoul. Director Yoo In Sik and writer Moon Ji Won attended and shared their thoughts on the drama’s popularity as well as behind-the-scenes stories regarding the drama’s writing and production process.


When asked if he anticipated the drama’s popularity, director Yoo In Sik replied, “I didn’t expect the drama to be so popular. The drama started from a channel that isn’t very well known, and I wasn’t sure the topic [of a lawyer on the autism spectrum] would appeal to the public. Compared to food, drama is like a sweet taste pyongyang naengmyeon, so I thought it would be great if people who love these subjects watch this drama. But I never imagined that people would give such fervent support from the start.

In the scene where Woo Young Woo and Tae Soo Mi (Jin Kyung) reconnect, the script didn’t use cliched stereotypes. When asked what she focused on while writing, Moon Ji Won commented, “When I told the production company that I was going to slip in the ‘secret birth’ element. in the script, we wondered if it would be okay to bring in such a cliched element when I had to write fresh, new drama. I think that element didn’t feel like a cliché to me because I only write movies and I wasn’t used to the rules of writing dramas. I tried to tell the story focusing on the relationship between the two characters without thinking about the writing rules, so I’m just grateful for the positive response.

When asked if there was a message she wanted to convey through the character of Kwon Min Woo (Joo Jong Hyuk), Moon Ji Won replied, “I thought a lot about what people around would feel if a character like Woo Young Woo appeared at a major law firm. Woo Young Woo is clearly one of the socially disadvantaged people who need care and compassion, but at the same time, she is the strong person that you cannot not surpass even when you tried your best. I thought there would be people who would think like Choi Su Yeon (Ha Yun Kyung) and there would be people like Kwon Min Woo who would think that was discrimination countdown, so I tried to show as many plausible positions as possible.

She continued, “It’s inevitable that my opinions will be reflected in the story, but I think if a creator tries to convey a certain message through their work, viewers pick it up quickly and get bored. That’s why I’m more careful not to deliver a message directly. I didn’t write the lines to say, “Let’s be like Choi Su Yeon” or “Don’t be like Kwon Min Woo.”

The character Jung Myung Seok (Kang Ki Young) is considered a fantasy figure that does not exist in real life. When asked what kind of things she considered when creating the characters, Moon Ji Won shared, “I put a lot of charming points that a 40-year-old can have on Jung Myung Seok. . I was worried that viewers would consider not only Jung Myung Seok, but also other people around Woo Young Woo as sidekicks because of the dramatic title “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” While I can’t assign many scenes to them, I wanted all of these characters to be seen as unique individuals and shine even with their short screen lengths.

Asked why the whales appear in the drama, Moon Ji Won replied, “Director Yoo In Sik joined the team when I wrote up to about eight episodes, and he mentioned that it would be good. to have a device that can be used to visualize Woo Young Woo’s inner thoughts. People with autism are often deeply immersed in a specific topic and have specialized knowledge about it, so I deliberated extensively on several topics. The most popular cases are dinosaurs, trains, weather and cars, but the reason I chose whales over the other subjects is because they look cool. I thought the whales would visually enrich the staging. After that, I started researching whales and inserted the ‘whale eureka’ scenes (because whales appear whenever Woo Young Woo finds enlightenment) starting from the first episode.

When asked to share some of the things to watch out for, Yoo In Sik commented, “While the first half of the drama focused on whether or not Woo Young Woo could become a real lawyer, the second half will be. centered on the process of Woo Young Woo becoming an excellent lawyer. As a unique character, Woo Young Woo will find his own way to find answers about what makes a good lawyer. It will also be fun to watch how the individuals at Hanbada Law Firm mature through the difficulties of each of their lives. What’s more, look forward to the surprise passionate performance [cameos] like Goo Kyo Hwan.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. KST.

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