Corlys Velaryon’s Game of Thrones Spinoff Reveals Its Title and Writer

George RR Martin announces a writer and a new title for the prequel/spin-off based on Corlys Velaryon for both Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

Author George RR Martin has announced the author of one of HBO’s potentials game of thrones and Dragon House spinoff, also explaining why the interim series was renamed.

Informing fans of his many projects, Martin devoted the bulk of a recent article on his website Not a blog to the various novels, live series, cartoons and beautiful books in preparation for the game of thrones franchise. Martin started by dropping some valuable details about a maritime adventure. “Bruno Heller, the creator and showrunner of Romewrote his pilot script for the Corlys Velaryon series,” Martin wrote. “That one started out as Nine tripsbut now we call it The sea serpentsince we wanted to avoid having two shows with numbers in the title.”

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The sea serpent, if recovered, will tell the stories of Corlys Velaryon, a famous ship’s captain who used the wealth and prestige accumulated during his travels around the world to become one of the most influential lords in Westeros. Only mentioned in Martin’s A song of ice and fire and never mentioned in game of thrones, House Velaryon is one of House Targaryen’s oldest allies. As one of the few Valyrian families in Westeros, the Velaryon are often born with the silver hair and purple eyes most commonly associated with Targaryens. They are also the only other Westerosi family regularly able to ride dragons.

Corlys will make his screen debut as an older man (Steve Toussaint) in the upcoming game of thrones prequel Dragon Housemanufacturing The sea serpent a potential prequel to a prequel. Married to Princess Rhaenys Targaryen (Rhaenys Velaryon in Dragon House) and with children dating future Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, Corlys becomes entangled in a savage Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons. It’s unclear if Toussaint could reprise the role of The sea serpent or if a younger actor would be cast.

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The title The sea serpent refers to Corlys himself, who is nicknamed The Sea Snake and owns a ship of the same name. The previous title Nine trips, is an allusion to the nine extended trading voyages Corlys made to build his wealth and fame. Assuming the show focuses on these journeys, this could be the first live look at some of the more exotic locations Martin has dreamed up for his fantasy world, including Yi Ti, Asshai, Ibben, and the Isles of summer.

Bruno Heller, whose work on Rome makes him an HBO veteran, also has spinoff development experience after producing the Batman franchise Gotham and Pennyworth. While Corlys is a major player in the events of the Dance of the Dragons, as seen in Martin’s novel Fire & Bloodfew details of his legendary travels are revealed, leaving Heller with a literal world of possibilities.

Dragon House will premiere on HBO in mid-2022.

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Source: Not a blog

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