Colts should consider benching Matt Ryan, says NFL writer


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan threw interceptions and took five sacks in the 24-0 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2.

No one is safe from criticism after losing 24-0 in the NFL. That includes a potential future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan threw 3 interceptions and 5 sacks in the team’s 24-point loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2. According to ESPN Stats & Information research , it was the first time Ryan had 3 interceptions and 5 sacks in an NFL. Game.

Ryan was supposed to be one of the last pieces to turn the Colts into a Super Bowl contender. But coming off perhaps the worst performance of his 15-year NFL career, NFL writer Vinnie Iyer of sports news wrote that the Colts should “at least consider a change” at quarterback.

“Ryan’s play gives the offense a hard ceiling,” Iyer wrote. “That’s a lingering issue for next week when the Colts try to trail the Chiefs 2-0 in the home opener. Then Indianapolis will face defending AFC South champion Tennessee in the Week 4 before hitting the road for a Thursday night game against Russell Wilson and Denver.

“Driving Taylor alone won’t do the job. The Colts need a much improved QB game.

The Colts replace Nick Foles

Just about everything needs to improve for Indianapolis, and if Josh Rosen was still Ryan’s backup like last season with the Atlanta Falcons, Iyer probably wouldn’t be able to form an argument to bench Ryan.

But the Colts have one of the best quarterbacks in the league – Nick Foles. He won the Super Bowl MVP title with the Philadelphia Eagles after the 2017 season. Foles enjoyed that success with Colts head coach Frank Reich as his offensive coordinator.

Iyer argued that Foles could bring an element to the Indianapolis offense that was missing in the first 2 weeks with Ryan.

“Foles, reunited with Reich of the Philadelphia offense, is known for providing long-term sparks coming off the bench – see his run as Super Bowl 51 MVP,” Iyer wrote. “While he’s also inherently volatile, Foles also has a bigger arm than Ryan and can provide better downside elements.”

Foles is 29-27 as an NFL starter in his career. But he’s 3-9 as a starter since leaving the Eagles after the 2018 season.

The Colts’ offensive issues besides the quarterback

Iyer can call for a quarterback change, but Foles won’t be able to solve Indianapolis’ pass protection or receiver issues.

The Jaguars pressured Ryan all afternoon, as evidenced by Jacksonville’s 5 sacks. The Jaguars also had 11 quarterback hits and several pass deflections at the line of scrimmage. One of those pass deflections led to 1 of Ryan’s 3 interceptions.

Indianapolis pass catchers were also a mess in Week 2 without Michael Pittman Jr. His roster replacement, Dezmon Patmon, had just 2 catches for 24 yards and dropped a critical third pass in first half.

Despite missing Pittman and rookie Alec Pierce, who were 2 of Indianapolis’ top 3 receivers at the start of the season, Parris Campbell, the Colts’ No. 2 on the depth chart, didn’t catch a single pass. He only had 2 targets.

It’s almost unfathomable.

There are still 15 games left to bounce back, but Campbell’s goose egg in the perfect opportunity to see a big target from Ryan is a terrible sign.

All of these offensive struggles make it unlikely that Reich will place all the blame on Ryan by benching him. But Iyer’s proposed quarterback change for the Colts makes it clear that everyone in Indianapolis will face their share of criticism until the on-field product improves.