Colleen Hoover doesn’t know how she became TikTok’s favorite writer, but she’s enjoying the journey

Colleen Hoover will (metaphorically) rip your heart out and stomp on it a thousand times. She will then give it back to you and ask for a five-star rating. And you will give it to him. After all, it was his expertly crafted words that broke your heart in the first place. She deserved it.

A bestselling author with a feature film in the works and more than two dozen books to his name, Hoover’s path to success was completely unexpected. Although she always wanted to be a writer, fulfilling her dream never seemed achievable. “I didn’t think it was a realistic career once I had kids to support, so I switched gears and got a degree in social work,” she says. Charm. “It wasn’t until I was 31, when I started writing for fun, that it turned into something.”

Instead of the traditional route, which involves interviewing agents and submitting the book to standard publishers, Hoover self-published his first novel, Slammedin 2012. To his surprise, Slammed and its sequel, retreat pointwould both do New York Times bestseller list in August of that year thanks to a five-star review from a popular book blogger.

“It was surreal and it still is surreal,” she says. “The first time I was told that I had done The New York Times in 2012, i didn’t tell anyone for an entire day because i didn’t think it was true. And that’s pretty much how it’s been since. It takes time for good things to happen. My husband and I still look at each other sometimes and say, “How did this happen? Why did it happen ? »

Ten years later, Hoover is still going strong. She’s since landed an agent and seen nine more of her novels make the bestseller list. She quit her job in social work and became a full-time author, fulfilling a lifelong dream she never thought possible. While raising three children. Her latest novel, released earlier this year, Reminders of himis already making waves on BookTok.

With over 600,000 followers on TikTok and counting, her one-minute videos often compile little snippets of her life, writing tips, and major book updates. The platform is the latest opportunity to connect with new readers and market herself to a new generation, and Hoover does it easily, though she says her success is largely thanks to her loyal fans.

While that may be true, one thing is certain: she will continue to toy with our emotions in each of her next books, forcing us to wade through box upon box of tissues. With that, she had only one thing to say: “Honestly, I think it’s because I’m emotionless, so I tend to push the emotions as I write so that I feel something.”

For CharmIn the latest episode of Doing the Work, we asked Colleen Hoover to tell us how she relaxes after a stressful day, the secret to TikTok success, her love for Red Lobster and, of course, her favorite couple she loves. has ever written (because we’re all dying to know!).

my average morning

I try to sleep eight hours a night, but the hours that can fit are very scattered. I live a mile from my office, so I usually jump out of bed, get dressed and go over there. Then I have an ice cold Diet Pepsi before I can even think about what I’m going to tackle that day. I’m very spread out in the morning and rarely start writing or tackling other projects before noon.

How do I deal with rejection

Rejection is a strong word. I watch it more because my goals aren’t aligned with other people’s if either of us thinks a project won’t work. I don’t let him bother me. I turn around and continue.

How I Stay Motivated Through Writer’s Block

I consume other forms of art, like listening to music or podcasts, watching movies, reading books. When I step away from writing, I usually find inspiration in the art of others, and that always motivates me to sit back at my keyboard.

The best way to deal with haters

Some authors can handle negativity and some can’t even handle a positive review with a light review, so only read what you can emotionally handle. If reading reviews stresses you out, don’t read them. If they’re invigorating, soak them up. And share them! People who post gushing TikTok videos and beautiful Instagram photos especially appreciate when authors share their creations, so share as many positive things as possible; it benefits everyone.