BTB welcomes a new front-page editor

[Ed. Note] It’s time to welcome a new member to our front-page editorial team. Brandon Clements will join us to offer his perspective and analysis of the Dallas Cowboys. So join me in welcoming him! —Dave Halprin

Hello, my name is Brandon.

I’m a 32-year-old New Yorker who is first and foremost a husband and father – a proud dad to say the least. Now that he lives in central New York, the Buffalo Tickets are usually your team. You will also see Giants and Jets fans. Even the majority of my family is part of “Bills Mafia”. Minus this guy of course.

So how did a midtown New Yorker with a family full of Bills fans become a diehard “America’s Team” fan?

Being a late 80s baby, I grew up with the 90s Cowboys, and one of my earliest memories was of a Cowboys superbowl victory at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Even then the Cowboys were still on TV, I watched many Cowboys games as a kid. I also vividly remember Larry Brown beating Neil O’Donnell not once but twice en route to another Cowboys Super Bowl victory. Watch Dallas beat the Steelers is always fun.

It’s hard to find my favorite Cowboys player because there are so many I’ve enjoyed watching over the years. The closest I can get is two. Those two being Deion Sanders and DeMarcus Ware.

Deion, in my opinion, is the greatest football player of all time. Every time he was on the pitch, I knew something big could happen at any moment. Which he did on several occasions. He was such a joy to watch and he was wearing my favorite number, 21. Obviously he was a first-round Hall of Famer in 2011.

D-Ware is another player I loved watching. His game was off the charts. I felt like when Dallas needed a big game on defense, number 94 would be the guy to step up. He was truly a sack artist with an array of moves to get to quarterback. The fact that he wasn’t a first-round Hall of Famer is ridiculous.

When I’m not watching live games, I love watching tapes and scouting. Luckily, acquiring the images these days is much easier than it was when she was a kid. While I was growing up, my parents allowed my obsession because they got me VCR tapes and football magazines. These days, it’s as easy as a quick Google search to find what you’re looking for.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, my goal as a writer will be to analyze and scout the game. From there, I’ll give my opinion to other Cowboys fans.

Whenever I’m not watching NFL or college football, I watch many other sports like NASCAR, baseball, basketball, and I also love pro wrestling. I also have a pro wrestling podcast that I’ve been doing for five years. In short, I am a sports junkie.

Plus, when I’m not watching sports, I’m really a family man. I also enjoy going to concerts and spending time at family camp.