Blank Review – The Sci-Fi Movie on Writer’s Block

The fear that artificial intelligence will go rogue is at the root of White. However, this 2022 sci-fi film dares to push the boundaries of its genre, drawing inspiration from other films such as the brilliant and Misery. As a result, there’s a deeper film below the surface that should connect with a multitude of people.

Blank’s premise

Writer’s block is a topic that has come up many times before. Some people advise all it takes is to put the work down for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes. Others say you should drink chamomile tea (or is it for when you can’t sleep?). In White, Claire Rivers (Rachel Shelley) decides the best way to deal with her battle with the dreaded block is to go on a writing retreat. However, this writer-friendly home isn’t just a cozy spot by the ocean or in a forest – it’s a place entirely run by AI that blocks out the outside world.

But what happens when the AI ​​breaks down and her android assistant, Rita (Heida Reed), won’t let Claire go until all the words are on the page?

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The hidden meaning of Blank

For writers, there’s a bit of humor hidden in White. There are a plethora of apps and programs that won’t let you access anything else on your computer until certain word or time goals are met. White draws inspiration from this, as the power to leave remains in Claire’s hands – as long as she rests her fingers on the keyboard.

Still, White is not just a cleverly disguised caricature of writers and their wordy misfortunes; it’s a psychological dive into what the blockers could be. Through the experience of being locked away in a place with nowhere to go, Claire is forced to come to terms with her troubled past, which turns out to be one of the main reasons for her struggles. In the end, however, the revelation of his real problem is sure to shock the viewer who never saw it coming.

Blank is a character study disguised as science fiction

Blank Review – The Sci-Fi Movie on Writer's Block

Even though White is rooted in science fiction, it’s a small-scale film. Director Natalie Kennedy finds a clever way to mask the lack of a big budget by exploring sci-fi themes that don’t require spaceships and other worlds. The film is clean, clinical, and tightly put together, as it stays focused on Claire and her demons.

For people who liked lonely movies like Moon and Gravity, White will be right up their alley. It’s a clever character study cloaked in the guise of science fiction. While it may disappoint those expecting high-tech gunfights and sprawling cyberpunk worlds, the film will satisfy the most discerning audience who appreciates theme and substance over flash and style. .

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General feelings

White is a surprising, thoughtful and provocative film. It’s not panic room set in the future with malfunctioning robots; it’s more of a drama about coming to terms with the issues that impact the ability to move forward and take responsibility for one’s actions. Keep a close eye on Kennedy’s name, as this director will be in high demand if the right people find out about this film and its outstanding execution.