Become a financial writer and share your investment research

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What is a Financial Writer?

Financial Writers are ordinary investors like you. Long gone are the days of only brokerage analysts or fund managers and their teams writing. investment research reports. Today, investors in general can publish research and analysis on their favorite stocks or investment ideas, get paid for it, and share it with our global audience. With over 200 million page views every month and syndication deals with Bloomberg and other major financial sites, Seeking Alpha’s influence and exposure is unmatched and that’s why we continue to be the biggest investment community in the world. If you want to get started, learn how to be a financial writer here at Seeking Alpha. To become a Seeking Alpha contributor, the first step is to register on this page.

Become a financial content writer is not difficult, and is one of best ways to make money writing online, while drawing attention to an investment thesis you want to present to others. Best of all, unlike many financial writer jobs, Seeking Alpha contributors can write at their own pace. There are no volume quotas or time limits; our investment writers choose when and how often they write. This means that Seeking Alpha contributors can wait until they have investment research and a compelling thesis before writing, which is also great news for Seeking Alpha readers.

What skills does a financial writer need?

Investment experience, an interest in business valuation and strong attention to detail are essential. A success financial author is not only done through great research skills, but also by leveraging presentation skills that allow them to convey their analysis to others in a clear and compelling way. If you need to hone some of these skills, don’t despair, because Seeking Alpha’s Author Experience Series can help new financial writersstarting with this practical Guide.

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