Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin sued for defamation in Sweden

Expatriate Bangladeshi writer Anisur Rahman filed the case with Swedish police on Tuesday, also citing allegations of personal assault, professional harm and defamation.

Taslima, who currently resides in India, said she was unaware of the case, but she did not lie in her controversial post.

An article titled “Nakal Dunia” (A fake world), published by a Bangladeshi website in 2017, criticized several people, including Anisur and Arne Ruth, former editor of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Taslima’s article has again drawn attention on social media after Anisur recently wrote against several anonymous expat writers and bloggers in one of his articles.

Anisur alleged that several bloggers and online activists from different countries personally attacked him by referring to the article written by Taslima.

In this context, he initiated proceedings against Taslima, seeking redress and compensation.

Bangla Academy member Anisur has lived in Sweden with his family for over a decade. He was elected a member of the Swedish Writers’ Union in 2018.

His poems and essays have been translated into different languages. His plays are taught in some universities in Africa, Asia and Europe and have been performed in Norway and Sweden. Both of his plays are in the curriculum of Jahangirnagar University Drama and Drama Department.

Responding to a question about the delay in filing the case, Anisur said he wanted to protest the “lie and protect himself from professional harm” even though it was late.

“I thought about going public with the protest since the article was published, but I couldn’t take the time. Dealing with legal matters and discussing the matter with my friends also took time. also had to inform my workplace.”

Taslima was forced to leave Bangladesh in 1994 after protests against her over allegations of insulting religious feelings through some of her writings.

She said her views in ‘Nakal Dunia’ will remain unchanged.

Responding to an email request for comment from, Taslima said, “What I wrote is true. I don’t tell lies in my writing. I can’t lie. I heard of the case for the first time. If a liar files a complaint, it will help to expose the person’s lie a little more.

“You will be able to read the article online. If a stranger wants to become famous by filing a complaint against me, please don’t let him.”