Attack on Titan Writer Creates New Art for Spy x Family

Spy x Family is one of the biggest anime series of the spring 2022 anime season. Wit Studio and Cloverworks have teamed up to tell us the story of Twilight, Anya and Yor. So far, three episodes of the anime series have been released, and the series’ amazing story, visuals, and voice acting have captured the attention of millions of fans.

Well, with several anime fans, Hajime Isayama, the creator of the legendary The attack of the Titans manga series, is also impressed with Spy x Family. So, recently, the mangaka created new art to celebrate the debut of Wit Studio’s new anime series. In the official art, we can see Anya and Twilight with a member yet to be introduced in the anime, Bond.

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New Spy x Family art surely reminds us of the The attack of the Titans manga series with its raw style. The author concluded the popular manga series last year after giving us an incredible 139 chapters. On the other hand, MAPPA concluded part 2 of The attack of the Titans Last season this year after twelve episodes. However, the studio has announced that the anime will return with Part 3 Season 4 sometime in 2023. Sure, it’s exciting that the anime isn’t finished yet, but it’s disappointing that fans aren’t have no news. The attack of the Titans content to look forward to this year.

Spy x Family | main trailer

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Spy x Family | main trailer





Nevertheless, while waiting The attack of the Titans comeback, anime shows Spy x Family are there to fill that void. Similar to other major projects, Spy x Family will run for two yard. The first course, which started in April 2022, will have twelve episodes. After that, the series will return later in 2022 with the remaining 13 episodes. Thus, the first season will end with a total of 25 episodes.