Anyone Can Be a Good Writer With New Google Docs Features

Google Docs intends to add more nuance to its suggestions for people when writing. Beyond basic grammar and spelling errors, Google Docs will now offer users how to make their writing more concise, active, and inclusive..

Additionally, the company will also warn people against using inappropriate words.Google announced in a blog post.

The six new additions are:

  • Choice of words: more dynamic or contextual formulation
  • Active voice: Active voice rather than passive
  • Concise: more concise sentences
  • Inclusive language: more inclusive words or expressions
  • Word warnings: reconsider potentially inappropriate words

Google indicates that these suggestions will appear with a purple underline. Once you select the underline, Google Docs displays a small description of the suggestions – which the user can accept or reject.


“You’ll see suggestions when it’s possible to structure a sentence with an active voice, or when a sentence can be more concise, which helps make your writing more impactful. Potentially discriminatory or inappropriate language will be flagged, along with suggestions on how to make your writing more inclusive and relevant to your audience,” Google wrote.

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The new additions will start appearing on Google Docs over the next few days. If you’re on the Rapid Release domain, the feature started rolling out to you on March 31. For other users with the default scheduled release setting, the features will be available from April 14.

Of course, there is a catch. If you’re on a basic Google plan such as Google Workspace Essentials, these features won’t be available to you. You can check if you are eligible here.

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Services like Grammarly already offer such features. In fact, Grammarly is able to integrate Google Docs to improve the quality of your writing.

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