AI-powered tool aims to solve writer’s block

AI-powered tool aims to solve writer’s block

BandLab launches SongStarter 03/08/22

Social music creation platform Band Lab launched its latest feature, SongStarter – an AI-powered tool, integrated with their music creation tools platform. They tell us that SongStarter generates unique phrasing based on the creator’s input, with a choice of three moods with different takes on various instrumentals, keys and beats per minute for the same musical composition, allowing users to select the style that suits them. best suits. . BandLab says the composition then belongs to the creator and they have free rein to modify, add to and ultimately distribute their music.

BandLab CEO and co-founder Meng Ru Kuok told us “We’re thrilled to launch SongStarter. It’s like having inspiration on demand. Our team has designed the perfect solution for those personal ‘eureka’ moments. SongStarter is fun to experiment with and serves as a resource for Creators can keep coming back, and again, and the musical possibilities are endless.

Here are the details in the company’s own words…

Writing the very first note of a song can be surprisingly difficult. New creators may not know where to start. Inspiration can be hard to come by, even for seasoned designers. Other times, narrowing down one idea in a million can be overwhelming. For creatives eager to get started but need help getting past the blank screen, the BandLab team presents SongStarter, an artificial intelligence-powered musical idea generator within the BandLab platform.

Built in conjunction with Google on TensorFlow, SongStarter generates unique beats, melodies, and chord progressions based on user input. The templates he creates are for users to keep, royalty free, and can be used as a starting point for rapping, songwriting, sketching melodies, or just playing around with friends. SongStarter is now available through desktop browsers and the BandLab mobile app.

To get started, BandLab users simply click the dice icon through the SongStarter interface. For more personalized results, users have the option of entering up to 50 characters of lyrics and emojis. However, no initial input is required. Within seconds, SongStarter will generate three new musical ideas, each completely different from the previous one.

Once the ideas are presented, users can experiment with different moods for each by clicking a button with day, dusk, and night icons. This feature offers different instruments, keys, and beats per minute for the same musical composition, allowing users to select the style that suits them best. Finally, users can open the chosen idea in the BandLab platform’s Mix Editor and tweak it further, or repeat the same phrasing. Alternatively, they can keep rolling the SongStarter dice until they get the results they want.

SongStarter marks the beginning of BandLab’s foray into AI-powered tools to help creators advance in their music-making journeys. Plus, in keeping with BandLab’s mission to break down barriers to music creation, SongStarter is free and easy to use. Once users have the basics of a song, they can continue to customize their work and share with the growing BandLab community, which now boasts over 40 million users, ranging from newbie creators to award-winning producers. GRAMMY.

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