AI Article Writer creates 1000 word article from title

Keywords Standings offers a unique service that uses AI to write a full 1000 word article based on a submitted title. The advantage of the service is that it is based on the company’s AI models as opposed to those of competitors who use the GPT-3 model.

Keywords Standings Ltd and Barak Weichselbaum are pleased to announce the launch of their new AI article writer service. The service uses artificial intelligence to write a full 1000 word article from an article title. The advantage of the service is that it is based on Keywords AI models (unlike most competitors who use the GPT-3 model). The service may provide unique features that competitors are unable to provide. He can write an entire article and not just paragraphs. It is also possible to use the company WordPress AI Plugin in order to publish the articles directly on a website.

Another advantage over the competition is that the keyword ranking AI writes the entire article, so there are relationships within the paragraphs. The contest usually writes paragraph by paragraph, resulting in an article with many self-contained paragraphs. The AI ​​product provides fully automated content creation, so the article is available in different ways. It can be delivered as a file, directly to the customer’s site, or via an API.

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A Keywords Standings spokesperson explained, “We wanted the AI ​​to be able to generate 1,000-word articles while only providing it with the title, so we developed our own AI models. We provide functionality that our competitors cannot provide due to policy limitations of third-party commercial AI models. Our product is of particular interest to blog owners and content writers.

The company, Keywords Standings Ltd, was incorporated in 2017 in Israel. It belongs to Barak Weichselbaum, a former programmer and entrepreneur. In the business area, he is responsible for the development of various security tools, end-user protection and parental control interfaces. AI articles are beneficial for providing fresh and informative content without tedious individual research. Articles comply with standard grammar, spelling and punctuation requirements.

About the company:

Keywords Standings Ltd. was launched in 2017 with a focus on the SEO API. The owner is Barak Weichselbaum, who developed other security tools and software.

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