A Star Wars co-writer still hopes for a sequel

Time will tell if Solo: A Star Wars Story ever gets a follow-up, but if Lucasfilm ever decides to go that route again, co-writer Laurent Kasdan will wait. Along with Jonathan Kasdan, Kasdan co-wrote the screenplay for Solo which was released in 2018 by director Ron Howard. There was a lot star wars fans who embraced the film, but not enough got out to see it in theaters when it was released, like Solo performed well below Lucasfilm’s expectations.

In the years since, many fans have called on the studio to give Solo another shot by greenlighting a sequel. Recently, rumors had surfaced that the Solo the story would be expanded with a series of sequels on Disney+. Now it seems those rumors are false, as Kasdan says in a new Reverse interview. But in debunking rumors of the Disney+ series, Kasdan still chooses to hold out hope for Alone 2because the writer makes it clear that he wants the film to be made.


“No, we’re not talking about it. I was never particularly drawn to expansion [Solo] in a show. But, I’m talking to Jon [Kasdan] and Ron [Howard] a lot about what went right and what went wrong with the Solo live. I would be more interested in making another film, not a TV series.”

If Kasdan continues to speak with his co-writer and the film’s director of Solo, this seems to suggest that the filmmakers have retained their interest in making a sequel. Of course, what matters most is whether Lucasfilm will actually greenlight Alone 2, because they will have to increase the budget to make the film shoot. Going in this direction seems like a risk that studio heads don’t really want to take back after the first movie fell short of expectations.

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Lucasfilm has no plans for Solo 2

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy appeared to shut down the possibility of Alone 2 in a May interview with Vanity Fair. At that time, Kennedy explained that the film’s failure to meet the studio’s goals served as a lesson learned. She said no more films would be made with new actors playing the roles of established lead characters in the vein of Harrison Ford’s Han Solo.

“There should be times along the way where you learn things. Now it seems so clear that we can’t do this,” Kennedy said.

“[Solo] didn’t do as well as the others star wars movies, but it still worked well for a movie,” Alden Ehrenreich said after the movie was released in 2018, via GamesRadar. “And so it was kind of this average thing. But it’s not newsworthy. Even in high-level journalism, there is intense pressure, sometimes, it seems, to [either] catastrophize or celebrate.”

Suggesting that the negative press has also affected attendance, the actor added, “And I think that’s really f— dangerous, especially when it comes to things that really matter, like the state of the world. An article headline that says “things are complicated, and there are upsides and downsides” doesn’t get the emotional response. And I just think we really need to take a step back and think a lot more about the way our emotions are handled by the stories we are inundated with.”