A Mysterious Illness Drives a Nurse to Divine Healing

WILL POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World) founded by KP Yohannanwhich has inspired many charities like Gospel for Asia CanadaDiscuss Anisa, her struggle with pain and illness, and God’s divine healing through believers’ prayers.

Anisa (not pictured) spent her early years working as a nurse. Now, at 80 and suffering from a mysterious skin condition, she was desperate for a cure she couldn’t find within the medical community.

Anisa has spent years caring for sick people, helping them when needed. Now that it was her turn, she was alone, with no one to turn to.

Anisa, 80, spent her youth in the medical field. She trained in nursing and worked in a hospital for several years. Now, in her declining years, all of her medical experience has failed to alleviate her pain and suffering.

For years, a strange skin condition plagued Anisa with pain. Although she was able to manage her pain with medication, nothing relieved her of the disease. She consulted various specialists, but the medical treatments only resulted in discouragement. She became desperate for a cure.

One Sunday morning, as she was walking, Anisa heard songs, praises and prayers filtering down the street from a nearby apartment building. Spotting the source of the adoring voices, Anisa immediately steps over the threshold to join the ongoing service.

She had only one goal: to find hope.

Skin disease miraculously cured

The congregation welcomed her with sincere love and concern. During the service, believers offered Anisa a chance to say something. She stood among the encouraging faces and shared her pain and despair over this incurable disease. At the same time, she asked for prayer for her complete healing.

Everyone came together and – with one heart – sincerely prayed for Anisa’s perfect healing. As a result, the Lord healed her. The following Sunday, Anisa came to church to witness to the healing of the Lord in his life.

Because of the Lord’s miracle, Anisa’s heart turned to the Lord. She decided to follow Jesus throughout her life.

Now Anisa prays and reads the Word of God with devotion. Her hunger and thirst for the Word of God is so intense that she never even misses a children’s Sunday school program. Participating in all the activities of the congregation, she became a joy to others. Much to Anisa’s delight, the Lord uses her life to be a channel of blessing to many souls.

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