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“‘Among the Shadows’ by Bruce Robert Coffin, the first in a series of four, tells the story of John Byron, a seasoned and skilled Portland Police Detective Sergeant, as he grapples with a case high-profile homicide story that ends up intersecting with his own painful past.As Byron unravels the truth, he discovers exactly how far a conspiracy can go, even among Portland’s best, and how dangerous it can be. go against the system.

“‘Among The Shadows’ emphasizes the humanity of law enforcement and the dilemmas they face in this difficult career while trying to find balance in their personal lives. As a retired detective Coffin himself offers extensive insight into conducting an investigation and being a law enforcement official; other authors would need extensive research to match his expertise (and they have often missed the target).

“It was also exciting to read a novel that used familiar southern Maine landmarks, with many of our book club members exclaiming, ‘I know where it is! I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys fast-paced detective fiction and local Maine authorship.

“Coffin attended our meeting and graciously answered our questions after a brief discussion about his early career and journey to published fatherhood.” — WHITNEY TAYLOR, member of the Read Between the Spines Book Club, hosted at the Bibliophile Bookshop & Coffeehouse in Raymond.

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