A left-leaning Rolling Stone writer who called the Buffalo shooter a ‘traditional Republican’ has falsely implied – as a fact checker – that a disabled vet is a Nazi

Rolling Stone released a fashionable political commentary on Sunday titled “The Buffalo Shooter is not a “lone wolf”. He’s a traditional Republican.”

In the op-ed, unapologetic leftist writer Talia Lavin says aspects of accused shooter Payton Gendron’s alleged manifesto unite him “with the mainstream of the Republican Party” in that both yearn for the “dream of a white nation”.

“The Republican Party primarily targets those who claim that being born the wrong color is an act of genocide, and act with the appropriate fervor,” she wrote in her final paragraph for the leftist magazine.


Well, people might also be interested in remembering that Lavin — when he was a fact-checker, of all things, for The New Yorker in 2018 — falsely implied that a disabled veteran is a Nazi. Lavin resigned from The New Yorker as a result faux pas.

Don’t worry, though. Less than a year after that, New York University hired Lavin as an assistant professor of journalism.

Megyn Kelly also touched on Lavin’s curious past:

In the fall of 2020, Lavin wrote “Culture Warlords: My Journey into the Dark Web of White Supremacy“, in which she “takes an immersive dive into the explosive online presence of white supremacy, exploring the undercurrents of propaganda, racism, misogyny and history that have gotten us where we are. are now”.

So a Rolling Stone article about how the Buffalo Massacre is supposed to be a mirror image of what she once wrote? Probably par for the course.

“Transphobia. Forced births. Gerrymandering. Anti-immigrant sentiment. And murder,” Lavin also wrote. tweeted regarding his piece Rolling Stone. “They are all part of the right-wing exaggerated policy of violent white demographic panic.”

How are people reacting to Lavin’s latest track?

As you’d expect, Levin had a few repel following his Rolling Stone commentary article:

Ben Shapiro Monday tweeted his take on the growing noise around the shooter’s mention of the “great replacement theory”, which Lavin discusses in his article:

Another Twitter user wrote“We all know who’s hooked on race. The left. It’s all about race. It’s all seen through a racial filter. The Democrats have moved little from their KKK past and are projecting their BS onto everyone.”