A drinks writer explains how celebrity wines are made


May 4 – Napa, Calif.—It’s the biggest wine trend of the last decade: celebrity wines.

At a time when the wine world is all about natural, artisanal, and artisanal wines, celebrities with no winemaking experience have captured a sizable share of the U.S. retail wine market.

The result is that many wine retail shelves are dominated by high-priced wines made from anonymous juice by an anonymous winemaker, whose only claim to legitimacy is the celebrity name attached.

“There’s even a dedicated wine app dedicated to connecting you with celebrity wines,” says investigative beverage writer Aaron Goldfarb. “After discovering over 300 entries, Lisa Vanderpump has a wine?! — I’ve realized that launching a celebrity wine must be easier than it looks.

To prove this point, Goldfarb decided to start his own celebrity label, despite not being a celebrity.

It turned out that it was not only a simple process, but also a quick one. Launching his own brand took two months, at a total cost of $300. His famous Blue Check wine, which now sells for $50 a bottle, went on sale at Seelbach’s in Washing DC on April 28, 2022 – and was completely sold out within 48 hours.

“What I learned is anyone can do it,” Goldfarb said. “Whether you’re famous or not.”

here’s how

Goldfarb was reporting for The Drop, the independent editorial arm of wine research platform Pix. Pix’s mission is to democratize wine and what Goldfarb’s reporting proved is that anyone can be a celebrity within the confines of their own wine rack.

“You don’t have to own a vineyard, employ a winemaker, or even have good taste,” Goldfarb said. “You just need a few hundred dollars and an internet connection.”

To be clear, he continued, there are celebrities with integrity who make great wine with passion and dedication.

“They get their hands dirty,” he said. “But more and more underage celebrities are releasing wines based on nothing more than anonymous bulk wine that they bottle under a fancy label.”

So why buy someone else’s vanity project, when you can create your own?

“The only downside is the stress of updating your Instagram page,” Goldfarb said.

Full details on how Goldfarb created their own celebrity wine can be found here. He is also available for interviews.

“I’m ready to help anyone on their wine journey,” he said. “Plus, it might help me sell more wine.”

For interview requests or to learn more about Goldfarb’s project, The Drop or the Pix search engine, email [email protected].

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